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Designed for professional users, Thuraya XT-PRO is the world’s most advanced satellite phone which is ruggedized and equipped with long battery life, ensuring connectivity no matter where you go.

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Designed for professional users, Thuraya XT PRO Satellite Phone is ruggedized and equipped with longest battery life on any satellite phone, ensuring connectivity no matter where you go. The Thuraya XT-PRO is the first satellite phone with built-in GPS, BeiDou and Glonass capability for highest flexibility in all regions. It has the biggest display on any satellite phone and comes with hardened Gorilla® glass for harsh environments. The screen is designed for glare resistance which allows for optimal visibility in bright sunlight and it includes a brightness sensor to automatically adjust the backlight of the display. It is one of the only phones that offers dual GSM & satellite voice calling through one SIM card*.

Thuraya XT PRO Satellite Phone Key Features:

Global Navigation Satellite System 

If you're investing in Thuraya Satellite Phone, it's likely that you'll face a broad choice of manufacturers and service providers.For the first time on a satellite phone, you can select your preferred navigation system and choose between GPS, BeiDou and Glonass for highest accuracy and added security in every region. 

Voice and SMS

Use the Thuraya XT-PRO to make calls, send SMS and fax messages and connect your laptop or PC to access the Internet in satellite mode whenever there is no terrestrial network available. Also, this handset has a speakerphone feauture. Thuraya satellite phones is designed to cater for a wealth of needs and tastes.

Battery and Charging

With a talk-time of up to 9 hours and a standby time of up to 100 hours the Thuraya XT-PRO enables reliable communications whenever you need it.


Toughened Glare resistant Gorilla® glass for harsh conditions and customized outdoor display for easy readability in direct sunlight, no matter how bright the conditions are.


TheThuraya XT PRO has a dedicated SOS button which is easy to use in times of distress. Even when the phone is switched off, simply press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds. This starts the phone and triggers the emergency service (call and/or SMS) to any pre-programmed number.


Small enough to easily fit in your pocket, the Thuraya XT-PRO is jet water and dust resistant as well as shock proof to withstand harsh environments.

Thuraya Coverage

Thuraya’s system is renowned for having the most reliable satellite network and the advanced omni-directional antenna of the Thuraya XT-PRO ensures an uninterrupted signal when walking or moving, offering full walk-and-talk capability. The Thuraya XT PRO Satellite Phone also enables you to receive a call notification even if your satellite signal is too weak to receive the call itself. This is particularly useful when the Thuraya Satellite Phone is in your pocket with the antenna stowed, keeping you connected at all times.

Additional features

The Thuraya XT-PRO features also include: Speakerphone, Address book, Alarms, Calculator, Calendar, Call Logs, Conference Calls, Contact Groups, Speed Dialing, Stopwatch, World Time

*The XT-LITE / XT-PRO will only work in GSM mode with an international roaming enabled SIM supplied by an official Thuraya roaming partner, or a Thuraya Post-Paid SIM. GSM mode is not available on prepaid Thuraya SIM cards. The phone must be used outside with a clear line of sight to the sky to use the GSM mode.

Not all mobile networks allow you to send text messages to satellite phones and as a result text messaging can be unreliable. Please check with your provider or contact us for further information.

The Thuraya XT-PRO comes with: 

  • Thuraya XT-PRO Satellite Phone
  • Battery
  • AC Charger with Int'l Plugs 
  • USB Data Cable
  • Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
  • Standard 3.5mm earphone jack
  • Thuraya NOVA SIM (excluding handset only option)
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General Specifications
Dimensions 12.8 x 5.3 x 2.7 cm
Weight 212g
Talk Time Battery Life Up to 9 hours*
Standby Battery Life Up to 100 hours*
Operating temperature -10º C to + 55º C
Storage temperature -20º C to +70º C
Humidity 5 to 95% RH (at 40º C)
Display 2.4” toughened Gorilla® glass outdoor display
Ingress protection: Jet water resistant, dust resistant, shock proof (IP55/IK05)
Data services: GmPRS up to 60/15 kbps (down/up) Circuit switched 9.6 kbps
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): GPS, BeiDou, Glonass
Languages English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Urdu. Chinese firmware: Simplified Chinese, English
Key Features
Messaging services include: Calls, SMS, Fax and SMS to email 
Micro USB charger
UDC jack for data transmission,
 Earphone connector (3.5mm)
Antenna connector for docking units
Compatible with Windows 8/8.1, 7, Vista
Multi-Lanuage Firmware:

*Depends on phone usage and network conditions 



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