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Orbital SatCom specialises in satellite phones, trackers, phone plans, internet and hotspots to provide communication services in areas where regular communication methods do not exist or are limited. Our product range includes satellite phones, GPS tracking devices and high speed mobile satellite internet, all of which work almost anywhere on the globe. We stock trusted brands such as Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and more. Additionally, we provide a variety of satellite asset tracking and monitoring services including ground station construction, specialized engineering services and product design.

OSC is a subsidiary of Orbsat Corp, a publicly listed company.

what we do

We enable wireless communications in areas not served or underserved by regular landline or mobile networks, or in circumstances where these networks are not operational due to natural or man-made disasters. Many of our products and services offer 100% global coverage thereby allowing users in remote locations to make phone calls, connect to the internet and track assets or personnel anywhere in the world. We offer equipment and airtime for use on all the major satellite networks including Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya and together with our US sister company, Orbital Satcom, we have provided global satellite connectivity solutions to more than 35,000 customers located in over 160 countries across the world.

Our History


2008-2012 The Early Years

GTC is a family run business that opened its doors in December 2008. We spent the early years selling satellite communications hardware and airtime, and then launched our rental service in 2010. As the business grew, we revamped our website in 2011 and joined Amazon as a seller in 2012.


2013-2014 Half a Decade of Business

We launched our online mapping portal, GTCTrack in 2013, with the GTCTrack app following a year later. In 2014 we introduced more new products, including the Thuraya XT-LITE, Iridium GO!, inReach Explorer, SPOT Trace and IsatPhone 2. We were proud to provide satellite phones for the Tour de France in 2014.


2015  Change of Scenery

2015 marked the year we merged with Orbital Satcom and moved to larger premises at Nuffield Road. In 2015, we broadened our rental service to include Satellite Phones, Trackers, Wi-Fi hotspots and BGAN units. We also continued to sponsor events specifically the Marathon des Sables and supported more GTC customers such as Alex Hibbert, David Hempleman and Sam Greatrex.


2017  SPOT Milestone

2017 marked a milestone for our SPOT sales as we reached over 10,000 sales of SPOT devices by January 2017. We were delighted to provide tracking services for the Mongol Rally and communications setup for local brothers Oarsome Odyssey on their world record winning transatlantic row.


2018  A Decade in Business

2018 marks our 10th Anniversary in business and we have achieved some huge milestones along the way. Our team has also grown to 14 employees as we continue to expand our product portfolio and sell products to over 30,000 customers in 130 countries. This year we worked with Red Bull and Ross Edgely to provide tracking services on his Great British Swim, a world record winning attempt to become the first person to swim the circumference of mainland Great Britain.


2020 Expansion Continues

Although operating in a difficult global environment due to COVID-19, close relationships with our key satellite partners strengthened as we expanded our global distribution agreement with Kymeta for their 2nd gen Ku-band flat panel satellite terminals and were selected as a launch partner for SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker. We were also proud to reach a combined sales milestone with our sister company Orbital Satcom of over 35,000 satellite enabled messenger and locator beacon units sold worldwide.

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