There are also other ways to contact Iridium, Inmarsat, and Thuraya phones. All you will need to have is an active SIM card, and a valid phone number.

Please note we recommend clicking through using the logos above to your desired network in order to send an SMS rather than the email approach outlined below.



    You can send an SMS message to an Iridium phone directly from your cellular or terrestrial email service by sending the email to the following address: 8816[number]

Iridium messaging


    Open a new email, ensuring it is plain text and not HTML. In the recipient, send the email to On Inmarsat this should display as

Inmarsat messaging


    Send via email to with the telephone number you are trying to message as the subject (without any 0 or + at the start), eg 88216XXXXXXXX.

Thuraya messaging
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