MCD-MissionLINK Portable Satellite Internet Terminal


MCD-MissionLINK is a compact and portable satellite internet terminal offering phone and internet services at the push of a button.  Using the high speed Iridium Certus® service, MissionLINK offers speeds of up to 700 kbps anywhere in the world.

MCD-MissionLINK Portable Satellite Internet Terminal

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MCD-MissionLINK is designed for those who need fast data connections with quick and easy setup anywhere in the world.  The ruggedized case houses the Iridium Certus antenna and connection ports providing a remote office for journalists, aid workers, researchers, military and many other remote workers in one easy to transport piece of equipment.


With download speeds of up to 700kbps and upload of 352kbps MCD-MissionLINK will not restrict you in what kind of data you use whether it be email, internet, file transfer or live streaming.


How it works

The MCD-MissionLink couldn't be easier to use and requires no specialist training.  Place the closed case on the ground or on a moving vehicle in the open sky and power on.  The user does not need to point the equipment, as long as the case has a clear line of sight to the sky a signal will be obtained.


The MCD-MissionLINK will provide a wireless hotspot with a range of up to 300 metres and allow up to 12 simultaneous wireless connections.  For wired connections, there is 1 x phone port, 2 x LAN ports and 1 x WAN port.


Various power options are available - the internal NiMH battery (no flight restrictions) with an operating life of up to 5 hours can be used or plug into a AC power supply or DC 12v vehicle port for continuous operation or charging.


Rugged Design


MCD-MissionLINK is housed in a watertight, reinforced plastic Pelican case offering a IP66 rating.


MCD-MissionLINK Package Includes

  • MCD-MissionLINK Flyaway Portable Case
  • AC/DC power supply (110/240 VAC)
  • Standard analog phone
  • Mini DC Inverter
  • AC plugs for US, UK, EU, AU, China, N. Europe
  • Ethernet cable - 10' feet / 3 metres
  • Compass
  • USB flash drive with user manuals
  • Carry bag to hold accessories
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Send a message through your device to an email address or SMS number. Not all mobile networks allow you to send text messages to satellite networks and as a result text messaging can be unreliable. Please check with your provider or contact us for further information.


Automated tracking is available on this device meaning contacts back home can follow your journey or you can monitor the movement of your assets.


Stay only a voice call away from friends, family or colleagues even when in the remotest of areas.


This unit offers speeds capable of loading basic web pages, email and video. Airtime costs can quickly build up so make sure you setup usage alerts with us to keep on top of your spending



Iridium Certus Land Service Plans


Subscription Services 0MB 10MB 30MB 150MB 500MB 2GB 5GB 10GB
Minimum Term 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months
Monthly Fee $48.44 $64.49 $105.00 $403.75 $1,130.31 $1,615.00 $2,260.00 $3,068.75
Inc. MB/Month 0MB 10MB 30MB 150MB 500MB 2,000MB 5,000MB 10,000MB
Out of Bundle per MB $5.44 $5.25 $4.50 $3.69 $2.88 $2.06 $1.38 $1.06
Early Termination Fee $290.63 $387.50 $161.56 $605.63 $1,614.38 $2,421.56 $3,390.31 $4,600.94



Please check for Iridium Certus Land Plans for full details and calling charges.

Shared plans are also available.

Voice calls priced per minute. Minimum billable increments apply.



Dimensions 52.5 x 43.7 x 21.3 cm
Weight 16.5 kg
Data Speed 700 Kbps download. 352 Kbps upload - Firmware upgrade available as of February 25, 2020
Battery Life 5 hours average
AC/DC Power Supply Input 110 to 240 Volts AC. Output 28 Volts DC @ 8 Amps. Total cable length is 12' (3.6 meters)
Internal Battery Type NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) - FAA Flight Approved
Operating Temperatures -30°C to +55°C / -22°F to +131°F
IP Rating IP66
Warranty 2 years
Concurrent Wireless Users Up to 12 wireless devices
Wireless Range Tested at 300 meters (1,000 feet) with good wireless signal (-78 dBm signal) to standard laptop computer.
LAN 2 RJ-45 Ethernet Ports with PoE - Watertight connector (Power over Ethernet Class 2)
WAN 1 RJ-45 Passthrough failover parameters set in the web interface - Watertight connector.
Phone 1 RJ-14 phone jack for 2 phone lines - Watertight connector.
VoIP Phone may also connect via Ethernet for a total of 3 phone lines.


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