Garmin inReach Subscription Plans

Garmin inReach Subscription Plans


OSAT offers service plans for Garmin and DeLorme inReach Satellite Trackers with plans starting from just £19 ex VAT per month.


Garmin inReach Subscription Plans

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Activate your Garmin Devices:

Orbital SatCom offers service plans for all the Garmin devices listed: 


Our inReach plans are especially suitable for you if require high frequency tracking (from as little as every 30 seconds), multiple device management and advanced mapping options through our OSAT Track portal, or for customers wishing to direct data to a third party server.


Sign up with OSC for:

  • Monthly fee starting from just £19 ex VAT with inclusive messages
  • Tracking frequency as low as every 30 seconds
  • Mapping and user admin provided by Garmin offering a familiar portal
  • Ability to view multiple devices on MapShare
  • Experienced UK customer service directly from OSC


*Your IMEI Number and Auth Code can be found on your inReach device. 

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Safety Plan

Recreation Plan

Expedition Plan

Activation Fee

£35.00 £35.00 £35.00

Monthly Fee (1)

£19.00* £32.00* £58.00*

Minimum Term

30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

Suitable For

Light/occasional users or for
emergency use
Frequent users sending regular
messages/track points
Heavy users sending a high
number of text messages and/or
track points

Inclusive Allowance (2)

Unlimited SOS
Up to 10 Text Messages
or 100 Tracking Points
Unlimited SOS
Up to 60 Text Messages
or 600 Tracking Points
Unlimited SOS
Up to 250 Text Messages
or 2,250 Tracking Points

Overage Charges (3)

Text Message: £1.50 +/- (4)
Track Point: £0.16
£5.80 per 1,000 Bytes Used
Text Message: £0.50 +/- (4)
Track Point: £0.05
£3.25 per 1,000 Bytes Used
Text Message: £0.30 +/- (4)
Track Point: £0.03
£2.25 per 1,000 Bytes Used

Weather Report

Basic: Up to 1 Text Message
Premium: Up to 2 Text Messages
Basic: Up to 1 Text Message
Premium: Up to 2 Text Messages
Basic: Up to 1 Text Message
Premium: Up to 2 Text Messages

Plan Change Fee

Upgrade: Free

Downgrade: £25.00

Upgrade: Free

Downgrade: £25.00

Upgrade: Free

Downgrade: £25.00

Suspension Fee

£4.00 p/m £4.00 p/m £4.00 p/m

Tracking Intervals

30 Seconds+ 30 Seconds+ 30 Seconds+





1. Upon activation, subscription fee and/or allowance will be pro‐rated for 1st month. Upon deactivation, subscription fee and allowance are not pro‐rated. 

2. If inReach is suspended, a suspension fee of £4.00 per month will continue to be charged until service is resumed or deactivated.

3. Inclusive allowance is based on a bundle of bytes. Safety Plan: 1,500 bytes, Recreation Plan: 8,000 bytes, Expedition Plan 30,000 bytes
Each message sent from the device consumes a certain number of bytes. See pricing details in the calling rates below. 

3. Overage charges apply when inclusive allowance of bytes have been used during the month. Unused bytes do not rollover.
4. Text message charge assumes 120 character message. Messages with a different number of characters will incur a different charge.
5. Basic Weather: temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure details for 3 days.



  1. Does my inclusive data roll-over?

    No. Inclusive data does not roll-over from one billing period to the next.

  2. How do I request suspension or deactivation?

    Please send us an email at to request the suspension or deactivation of your device.

  3. Do plans auto-renew each month?

    Selected plan auto‐renews monthly unless user confirms plan change, suspension or deactivation request by email.

  4. If I go over my monthly inclusive allowance, how do I pay for the charges?

    Additional changes from text messages, tracking points or location points etc. will be added to your monthly bill.

  5. Is there a fee for upgrading and downgrading plans?

    You can upgrade you plans free of charge, however downgrading will incur a £25 fee. 


*Upon activation subscription fee and/or allowance will be pro-rated for 1st month; Upon deactivation subscription fee and/or allowance are not pro-rated and the full month fee will apply.

All prices shown may be subject to VAT at 20% for billing addresses within the EU. All fees are payable in GBP. 

Calling Rates

Type of Message Bytes Used Notes
Tracking Points 13 Transmit tracking intervals ranging from every 30 seconds to four hours
Text Messages* 80-160 Messages sent and received up to 160 bytes depending on the message length
Find-Me "Ping" via MapShare 23 View the location of an inReach online if it is powered on but tracking is not activated
Preset Messages 15 Short, commonly-used messages that are set up in your accounts and pre-loaded to your inReach
SOS Messages 23 Emergency messages which send location to GEOS Emergency Response Center
Mail Check 10 Use "Check Messages" icon outside normal listening
Track Start 18 Initiate the tracking service
Track Stop 18 Stop the tracking service
Message via MapShare 84 When a contact sends a message to the Garmin MapShare page
Weather Report - Basic 80 Approx. 3-day forecast reported in 6-hour intervals.
Weather Report - Premium or Marine** 200 Approx. 7-day forecast reported in varying intervals (1-2 hour intervals for the first day, 3-6 hour intervals for the next day and 12-hour intervals for the remaining 5 days)

*Text message price assumes message contains 120 bytes. Larger messages will use more bytes. Track point/pings contain 13 bytes. Charges apply to message sent from and to the inReach.

**Premium Weather (Non‐marine): includes temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure details for 7 days.
**Premium Weather Marine: in addition to the details of the Premium forecast, the Marine feature also includes wave height, current, and visibility details.
Weather reports use up to 396 bytes per report.

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