What You Need to Know About Satellite Phones

Ensuring that your satellite phones or device aligns with your vital personal communication requirements is crucial. What specific functionalities and capabilities do you require from your phone or device?

It is important to be sure of a number of aspects before purchasing a satellite phone because they work differently to your everyday smartphone. Not all satellite phones simply work anywhere in the world, you need to make sure you have one with relevant network coverage. You have to compare satellite phone plans before purchase. Some of them have more advanced features than others, for example location tracking and SOS buttons, so consider whether these elements are necessary. Finally, think also about how likely you are to need internet access, or to be able to send basic emails, as some of our satellite phones cater for things like this while others fall short.

Find all the answers of these questions on this satellite phone guide.

Major Satellite Phone Brands

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Satellite Phones Comparison

Discover how the top satellite phones compare!

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Compare Iridium Extreme Iridium 9555 IsatPhone 2
Price (approx.) Inc. VAT £1,537.45 £1,274.65 £1,077.60
Network Iridium Iridium Inmarsat
Coverage Global Global Near Global
Weight 247g 266g 316g
Dimensions 14.0 x 6.0 x 2.7cm 14.3 x 5.5 x 3.0cm 16.9 x 7.5 x 2.9cm
Battery Life 4hr talk / 30hrs standby 3hr talk / 30hrs standby 8hr talk / 160hrs standby
Antenna Retractable omni-directional Retractable omni-directional Fold-out directional
Display 1.9" Monochrome 1.9" Monochrome 2.3" Colour
Drability IP65 N/A IP65
Ingress Protection MIL-STD 810F N/A IK04
Network 66 Low Earth Orbit satellites 66 Low Earth Orbit satellites 3 Geostationary satellites
SMS Yes Yes Yes
GPS Yes N/A Yes
Interfaces Mini USB, Audio Micro USB, Bluetooth Micro-SD, 2x Nano SIM
Data Connectivity Yes, via USB or AccessPoint Yes, via USB or AccessPoint Yes, via USB or AccessPoint
Data Speed (Circuit Switched) 9.6 Kbps 9.6 Kbps 9.6 Kbps
Emergency SOS Yes No Yes
Learn More Iridium Extreme Iridium 9555 IsatPhone 2


Today’s satellite phones and the ones we sell here at OSAT bridge the communications gap between remote locations


If you wanted to monitor the location of a valuable asset, fleet, or VIP, a satellite GPS tracker from OSAT is the ideal satellite


Where Do You Want to Use Your Satellite Phone?

In addition to comparing the features of satellite phones, consider where you will need to use it. Do you need to make and receive satellite calls inside a building, vehicle, plane or boat? If so, consider specialized accessories, like docking stations, that are compatible with your satellite phone and enable use in these environments.


On The Road

Enjoy handsfree satellite communications on-the-go by attaching a satellite phone to a vehicle docking station. Whether you’re travelling by car, truck, or other road vehicle, we offer a range of accompanying accessories to transform your communications strategy when the situation turns mobile.

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At Sea

One of the most popular ways to use satellite phones is on the open water to keep in touch with those back ashore or other vessels at sea. Sat phones and hotspots can be attached to masts for easy portability in marine environments.

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In The Air

Due to the reliable nature of our satellite phones and the coverage that comes with them, it does not matter if you are at heights of 30,000ft, you can still make reliable voice calls or data connections from the cockpit of aircraft to reassure those back on the ground.

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Great Outdoors

General purpose land usage of our satellite phones is hugely popular with our customers, from lone workers operating in remote woodland areas, to extreme sports challenges where communication between race marshalls is key to addressing potential emergency situations.

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Best Sat Phone Plans

Satellite Phone Plans Included Activation Fee Monthly Fee Minimum Duration
Iridium Seasonal 10 10 minutes & SMS $10.00 $74.00 3 months Shop now
Iridium Starter 25 25 minutes & SMS $10.00 $82.00 1 month Shop now
Inmarsat Standard 10 minutes* $25.00 $25.00 3 months Shop now
Inmarsat Allowance 20 20 minutes* $25.00 $66.00 3 months Shop now
Thuraya Plus n/a $42.00 $42.00 1 month Shop now
Thuraya Allowance n/a $49.00 $63.00 1 month Shop now

Satellite Phone FAQs

Satellite phones bridge the voice and data communication gap between remotely-operating teams and individuals and key contacts back home. They operate beyond the reach of traditional mobile signal, meaning they can be used in even the most remote or hostile regions from warzones to coordinating rescue missions at the scenes of natural disasters.
We strongly recommend you asses your individual situation before deciding whether to buy or rent a satellite phone. If you only need the device for a matter of days or weeks, we highly advise renting as it will be much cheaper for you. However, if you plan on using a sat phone for an extended period of time, and not just on an adhoc excursion i.e. you will use it again in future, then consider purchasing the handset and paying for airtime as and when you need it.
No. Satellite phone SIM cards are tied to one number and one satellite phone handset.
We don’t often run out of satellite phone stock so, depending on location, should be able to ship by the next working day. If in doubt or placing a bulk order, feel free to give us a call and we can always confirm over the phone what our stock levels are.
All of our satellite phones come with far-reaching network coverage, however, if you need truly global reach, Iridium is the world’s only network provider that offers coverage to any location in the world
Satellite phones come with their own varying monthly contract rates. They do not explicitly carry roaming or long-distance charges as they will typically be used from far-flung locations. Please check the monthly contract rates tables on our website to get a sense of the different rates.
Yes, on our eBay website, we offer a great stock of used or ex-demo devices for very cost-effective prices.
Depending on how you intend to use your satellite phone, whether it’s in a vehicle or on a boat for example, we have a range of accessories to attach sat phones to dashboards or masts for extra portability.
Coverage varies depending on which network provider your satellite phone operates under. For example, Iridium’s network coverage is truly global, where Thuraya’s covers EMEA & APAC regions, so we advise against using Thuraya phones in the Americas and southern Africa.
It might vary from one satellite phone to another, but the general rule when dialing to a landline is to dial 00, followed by the country code, followed by the actual phone number. There may be a slight delay while the call registers.

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