ACR ResQlink 400 PLB


Model Number: PLB-400 / Product Number: 2921 

The ACR ResQlink 400 PLB with built-in buoyancy and integrated strobe system advancements is the newest PLB to the ACR ARTEX portfolio. 

ACR ResQlink 400 PLB
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The new ACR ResQlink PLB is innovatively designed to improve the ease of attaching the beacon to your person or gear. This PLB makes your adventures safer as well as reaching for the beacon more convenient. 

The ACR ResQlink 400 has built-in buoyancy and is smaller and more lightweight that the ACR ResQlink+. Compare ACR ResQlink Personal Locator Beacons >


ACR ResQlink 400 Key Features:

Integrated Signal Technology
The ACR ResQlink 400 PLB has three levels of signal transmission through GPS positioning, a powerful 406MHz signal and 121.5MHz homing beacon capability. 

Strobe Light
The ResQlink 400 has a built-in strobe light and infrared strobe system to facilitate rescues at night or during low visibility. 

To activate, simply deploy the antenna, press the on button and the beacon will do the rest! Rescuers can be guided within 100 meters or less of your location.

Innovative Design
The new ACR ResQlink 400 is designed with multi-function clips to be used in conjunction with the distress beacon; providing numerous wearability options for a variety of usage applications. 

Batteries and Charging
This ACR PLB operates with class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium batteries, which must be replaced every 5 years. Once the PLB has been activated the battery will typically exceeds 24 hours transmitting a GPS signal.

Once you have activated your PLB, simply submit your story to ACR and send your used beacon back to them so they can have it mounted on their Wall of Fame and they'll send you a brand new beacon of equal or greater value. 

It is necessary to self-test your ACR PLB to ensure that the beacon functions correctly. The ResQlink 400 offers two built-in test functions to allow you to routinely verify that the ACR PLB is functioning and ready for use - with the push of a button, you can easily test internal electronics and GPS tracker functionality.

Subscription Free
Unlike most satellite enabled notification devices, the ACR ResQLink 400 PLB requires no monthly or annual subscription, making it one of the most cost effective GPS enabled emergency beacons available for long term use. In the unfortunate event of needing to use your personal locator beacon, ACR will replace it, free of charge.


Register your ResQlink 400 PLB

Registering your Personal Locator Beacon is required by law in most countries. Registering is very important because should your beacon ever be activated, it is how Search and Rescue Teams will know who you are, and contacts provided may be able to supply information about your specific travel plans. In the absence of this information, it may take longer for a search-and-rescue operation to begin.

Once you have received your programmed Personal Locator Beacon, the owner is required to register their PLB with the Cospas Sarsat website to add their device to the International Beacon Registration Database (IBRD). To register your device, you must provide your unique Beacon HEX ID number, which can be found on your PLB and box. Use the links below to register your device:

Country Registration:

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Dimensions 11.48 x 5.16 x 3.78 cm
Weight 148g
Battery Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium batteries
Battery (Typical Performance) 30 Hours -20°C (@-4°F)
Battery (Operational Life) Exceeds required 24 Hours -20°C (@-4°F )
Storage Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Transmitter Frequency 406 MHz
Homing Beacon Frequency 121.5 MHz
Waterproof 16.40 ft (5 m) @ 1 hr., 33 ft (10 m) @ 10 min. Factory tested @ 70°F, exceeds RTCM waterproof requirements
Key Features
No Subscription Fees
Integrated Infrared Strobe & Strobe System
Built-in Buoyancy
Onboard 66-Channel GPS
Self-Test and GPS Test Features
Typical Performance 30 Hours
Non-Hazmat Battery
5 Year Warranty




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