Award Winning Satellite Internet

Named Global Satellite Business of the Year in 2019 Viasat offers a groundbreaking service whether on land or at sea. Their range of hardware is easily installed and we like the fact that their service plans are simple and easy to understand. They also remain cost-effective in comparison to other providers.

For home broadband connections Viasat offers a reliable connection even in places where traditional networks are not available. In fact in April 2021 Viasat was awarded "Best Satellite Provider" on CNET's list of US rural ISPs due to their high speed connection and affordable service plans.

Viasat Offerings

    • Commercial Maritime
    • Leisure Maritime
    • Business & Home

Viasat are enhancing communications worldwide by providing satellite broadband to locations where traditional network infrastructure can't or won't go.

Viasat delivers their award winning high-speed network to vessels, homes and businesses all over the world:

Commercial Maritime

Viasat delivers reliable satellite internet to commercial vessels of all sizes keeping customers and crew connected wherever you sail. Plus hardware is compatible with future upgrades to the high-capacity satellite network ensuring no extra costs are incurred to keep your system operating at its optimum performance.


Leisure Maritime

Viasat's high speed network ensures you stay connected wherever you travel with no limits on speed or bandwidth - guests and crew alike can all enjoy a simultaneous high quality connection. Whether you need access to keep in touch with the office or want the ability to stream movies, sports and news the Viasat offering can meet your demands.

Business & Home

Despite the vast increase in the number of internet connected homes in the past few decades there are still some locations where terrestrial broadband can't or won't be installed. Viasat offers a cost-effective, superior service to those locations - speed tests show Viasat is typically 3x fast than a typical DSL connection.


Viasat Hardware

ACR Bivy Stick Two-Way Satellite...

Regular price 599900 599900 $299.95 $299.95 (Inc. VAT) $299.95 (Ex. VAT)

ACR ResQlink 400 PLB

Regular price 739900 739900 $369.95 $369.95 (Inc. VAT) $369.95 (Ex. VAT)

ACR RCL-95 Wireless LED Searchlight...

Regular price 1271900 1271900 $635.95 $635.95 (Inc. VAT) $635.95 (Ex. VAT)

ACR AISLink Personal Man Overboard...

Regular price 659900 659900 $329.95 $329.95 (Inc. VAT) $329.95 (Ex. VAT)

Beam 104m Iridium Active Antenna...

Regular price 5500500 5500500 $2,750.25 $2,750.25 (Inc. VAT) $2,750.25 (Ex. VAT)

Beam 12m Iridium Passive Antenna...

Regular price 693500 693500 $346.75 $346.75 (Inc. VAT) $346.75 (Ex. VAT)

Viasat is empowering people to do more, anywhere - on land or at sea.

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