Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone


The Iridium 9555 is a compact, light, and easy to use satellite phone, engineered to withstand rugged environments and connected to the world's only truly global mobile network.

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Buy With Service

The Iridium 9555 packages below are pay as you go options - any option which states a region e.g. Latin America or Africa offers more attractive rates per minute in those regions. Please visit Iridium Pre-Paid Airtime for full details >

Validity period for pay as you go airtime is from the date of activation, not the date of purchase.

An alternative airtime option is a Pay Monthly contract. If you wish to choose this option please choose "Device + Pay Monthly Options".


The Iridium 9555 is one of the most reliable satellite phones available on the market, taking full advantage of Iridium’s truly global coverage. It offers the perfect solution for individuals wishing to use a phone in rugged outdoor terrains as it is water, shock, and dust resistant.


What is Included?

  • AC Wall Charger and Plug Kit
  • Antenna, Portable Auxiliary
  • Antenna Adapter
  • DC Charger, Auto Accessory
  • Hands-Free Headset
  • User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Holster
  • Battery, Rechargeable Li Ion
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • Data CD


Iridium 9555 Key Features


Satellite Voice Capability 

Using Iridium’s global satellite network, the 9555 allows you to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world. The phone offers an integrated speakerphone and hands-free capability through a headset included as standard in our 9555 phone kit.


SMS and Email Messaging

The Iridium 9555 is SMS and email enabled, allowing you to stay in touch and share experiences with others anywhere in the world. SMS and email messaging is limited to 160 characters and delivery/receipt is dependent on compatibility with local mobile network carriers.


Data Tethering

Although low-speed data is possible we only advise and support connections using the RedPort Optimizer in tandem with the XGate Satellite Phone Email & Data Services. Both of these tools enhance your data connection making the most of the speed available. Any connections attempted without these solutions may appear to work, and potentially use airtime, but may not provide the expected service.



The Iridium 9555 has a 100-entry internal address book, with capacity for multiple phone numbers, email addresses and notes, and the SIM card address book has an additional 155-entry capacity. The call history retains records of received, missed and dialled calls.


Usage Control Features

The Iridium 9555 has user-configurable call timers to manage costs and a keypad lock and PIN lock for additional security.


Native Language Support 

With 21 supported menu languages, the Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone offers the best in native language support for global phone users.

Not all mobile networks allow you to send text messages to satellite phones and as a result text messaging can be unreliable. Please check with your provider or contact us for further information.

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Dimensions 14.3 x 5.5 x 3 cm
Weight 266g
Talk Time Battery Life Up to 4 hours
Standby Battery Life Up to 30 hours
Operating Temperature Range -10 °C to +55 °C
Antenna Internally stowed antenna
Ports Mini-USB data port
Emergency SOS button No


Messaging and Calling Features
Enhanced two-way SMS messaging
Short email messaging capability
Integrated speakerphone
Quick-connect to Iridium voicemail
Headset and hands-free capability
200 character illuminated graphic display
Volume, signal and battery strength meters
Illuminated weather-resistant keypad
100 entry internal address book, with capacity for multiple phone numbers, email addresses and notes
SIM-based address book with 155 entry capacity
Call history retains received, missed and dialed calls
User-configurable call timers to manage costs
Keypad lock and PIN lock for additional security


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