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In an increasingly connected society where smartphones, tablets and laptops can be connected just about anywhere, Inmarsat caters for customers needing high-quality, fast and effective communication solutions when traditional options are no longer available. Being connected in a city or even rural areas is commonplace, but this network is able to give you voice, data and internet access when you’re 30,000ft in the air, sailing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or trekking remote corners of the globe.

Inmarsat recognises that around 50% of the population do not readily have access to technologies such as broadband, so their global satellite network is essential for reliable and fast connectivity wherever in the world it’s needed. These connections are helping to transform the way industries function, and as their reach is so diverse there’s so much potential when it comes to satellite broadband, IoT, and connecting all manner of commercial logistical elements.

Inmarsat's range of satellite solutions offer a global reach and a global impact.

Customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors are able to have reliable and assured access to high-throughput communications:

Inmarsat BGAN

Helping growers and transporters alike, Globalstar’s satellite technology allows irrigation levels to be monitored, livestock to be tracked in remote locations and manage their resources effectively.

Inmarsat Fleet Broadband

An excellent solution from a company with more than 40 years of technology research and development behind it, FleetBroadband is an innovative way to communicate on a strong network when hundreds of miles from shore. Tens of thousands of vessels make use of this network daily as it’s highly reliable and available almost 100% of the time.

The network is an invaluable tool to mariners of all types, as it provides real-time and accurate weather condition reports, allows electronic charts to be used, and you can connect with your team on land effortlessly. On board, the crew can also have access to all the latest videos via the internet as well as keeping in touch with their loved ones at home. It has proved an vital network in cases of emergency too with full GMDSS compliance.


Inmarsat Voice

Leaders in satellite voice comms, Inmarsat technology integrated into IsatPhone2 means you can not only receive voicemail and text messages, but you can also email too. There’s an assistance mode which can send your GPS data to the right people, as well as track the routes you’ve taken. You won’t run out of time talking too, with a large 8hr talk time and Bluetooth so you can go hands-free.


With coverage over a wide area spanning many continents, the satellite network is essential for communication between commercial and merchant vessels, drilling rigs and offshore messaging.


Inmarsat Hardware

ACR Bivy Stick Two-Way Satellite...

Regular price 599900 599900 $299.95 $299.95 (Inc. VAT) $299.95 (Ex. VAT)

ACR ResQlink 400 PLB

Regular price 739900 739900 $369.95 $369.95 (Inc. VAT) $369.95 (Ex. VAT)

ACR RCL-95 Wireless LED Searchlight...

Regular price 1271900 1271900 $635.95 $635.95 (Inc. VAT) $635.95 (Ex. VAT)

ACR AISLink Personal Man Overboard...

Regular price 659900 659900 $329.95 $329.95 (Inc. VAT) $329.95 (Ex. VAT)

Beam 104m Iridium Active Antenna...

Regular price 5500500 5500500 $2,750.25 $2,750.25 (Inc. VAT) $2,750.25 (Ex. VAT)

Beam 12m Iridium Passive Antenna...

Regular price 693500 693500 $346.75 $346.75 (Inc. VAT) $346.75 (Ex. VAT)

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