Queclink GL505 GSM/GPS Tracker

Queclink GL505 GSM/GPS Tracker


The Queclink GL505 GPS tracker is a rugged, waterproof, quad band GPS asset tracking device designed for long-life asset tracking in harsh environments.

It has an in-built motion sensor and geo-fencing capabilities and can transmit location and status messages from as little as every 5 minutes.

The Queclink GL505 GPS tracker has internal lithium batteries have a standby time of up to 1,000 hours.

The GL505 Data Cable USB Cable is required to upgrade firmware and configure the Queclink GL505 GSM/GPS Tracker. 

Queclink GL505 GSM/GPS Tracker

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The Queclink GL505 GPS tracker offers a minimum transmission rate of 5 minutes, geo-fencing capabilities, motion sensing functions and is suitable for use on a variety of assets. 

Please note that to obtain an accurate location our personal GSM trackers should be used outside and have a clear line of sight to the sky.

If you are interested in activating your device, view our GSM plans >

What is Included?

  • Queclink GL505 GSM/GPS Asset Tracker
  • 2 x CR123A Batteries

The GL505 Data Cable is not included, but required for upgrading the firmware on your device and configuring the Queclink GL505 GSM/GPS Tracker. 

Queclink GL505 Key Features:

Rugged Design

The Queclink GL505 GPS tracker is our most rugged GSM tracker, offering an IPX7 compliance rating meaning it can withstand immersion into water at depths of up to 1m.

Autonomous Tracking

With internal twin lithium batteries, the GL505 can provide autonomous tracking for more than 1,000 hours whilst transmitting once a day. 

Integrated with Google Earth Interface

Through our online mapping tool, OSAT Track, the current and past movements of the device can be viewed on a Google Earth interface.

OSAT Track Compatible 

Our online mapping portal can track your Queclink GL505 to provide real-time information via your GPS location. Any person provided with the login can become an operator to monitor any number of GSM or satellite assets simultaneously in-real time and historically on both the Basic and Professional plans.

Key benefits include:

  • Geo-Fencing capabilities (Professional Plan only)
  • Alert options available, with varying degrees of urgency for operator and device holder
  • Global Tracking
  • Multiple layer options and map views
  • Inclusive to all devices with GPS tracking capabilities
  • Past-tracking data points are always accessible, until the device is de-activated
  • Mapping and asset grouping customisation options are available
  • Data Reporting and Scheduling functions
  • Notifications and alerts can be sent directly to the holder of the device

OSAT Track Basic Mapping

Available from just £6.50 ex VAT a month per device and provides location-based data from your device to the online maps. The tracking equipment determines its location by triangulating a position using GPS (Global Positioning System) and then transmits this information via GSM, Satellite, or VHF to a central server for processing.
  • Suitable for users with single devices
  • Excludes Geo-Fencing
  • Pay upfront annually to receive a discounted subscription of £65 ex VAT per year

OSAT Track Professional Mapping

Available from just £12.50 ex VAT month per device and allows you to track multiple devices on the same map in addition to features available on the Basic plan. This plan is essential for businesses or organisers managing multiple devices to be able to track the movements of individuals and assets.
  • Suitable for users requiring access to multiple devices under one login
  • Includes Geo-Fencing
  • Fee is applicable per device
  • Pay upfront annually to receive a discounted subscription of £140 ex VAT per year

Find out more about OSAT Track >

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Service Up to 100MB 100-500MB Over 500MB
Minimum Duration 1 Month* 1 Month* 1 Month*
Activation Fee £5.00 £5.00 £5.00
Minimum Monthly Fee** £0.50 £2.50 £8.50
Monthly Fee £3.00 £4.00 £10.00
Inclusive MB Up to 100MB 100-500MB Over 500MB

Out of Bundle Charges

SMS (Per Message) £0.25 £0.25

Optional Mapping Charges

OSAT Track Basic £7.25 £7.25 £7.25
OSAT Track Pro £13.50 £13.50 £13.50

*Minimum Duration: Upon activation, subscription fee and/or allowance will be pro‐rated for 1st month. Once deactivation is requested via email, subscription fee and/or allowance are not pro‐rated.

**Minimum Monthly Fee: If SIM is suspended, the minimum monthly subscription fee will continue to be charged. No roll‐over of unused minutes is permitted from one billing period to the next. Please send your request to suspend the SIM via email. 



Weight: 140g
Dimensions: 11.8 x 6.95 x 2.68 cm
IPX7 rating
Works with "off the shelf" lithium batteries
Built in uBlox GPS chipset to allow fast Time to First Fix and high accuracy
Low Power Consumption - 1000 days sending 1 message a day
Long Standby Time
Quad band GSM/GPRS frequencies 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Built in 3D motion sensor for power saving and motion detection
Built in GSM tracker antenna
Built in GPS tracker antenna
Built in temperature sensor
Small, lightweight and rugged
Firmware upgrade over the air
Configurable via SMS from any mobile phone

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