Mitex Link UHF Two-Way Radio (Twin Pack)
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Mitex Link UHF Two-Way Radio (Twin Pack)


Two easy-to-use, rugged Mitex walkie-talkies designed for a range of environments and able to deliver crisp, clear audio so your voice is always heard.

Mitex Link UHF Two-Way Radio (Twin Pack)
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The Mitex Link UHF twin pack contains a pair of rugged two-way radios, ideal for commercial or leisure use. These compact radios are designed to maximise and work seamlessly with the Mitex General Range using channels 9 - 15, as well as all Mitex UHF handheld units on channels 13, 14 and 15.

Versatility as Standard

The Mitex Link can be used in almost any scenario. Ideal in a work environment or off-road adventures, these highly adaptable two-way radios deliver powerful communication levels in applications such as education, utilities, engineering, security, music, and sporting events.

Easy Setup

With minimal installation needed, the Mitex Link UHF can be used right out of the box. Channels 1 - 8 are already programmed in, and users can communicate with the Mitex General range on channels 9 - 15.

Up to the Job

This twin pack is the perfect progression for users looking to upgrade from the license-free PMR446. Its IP54 rating justifies its robust and durable design, meaning the Mitex Link delivers crisp, clear, reliable conversations, even in demanding conditions. It is the perfect option for busy environments where there is a high radio usage.

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