Satellite Tracking & SOS Response for Lone Workers, Assets and Recreation

From outdoor enthusiasts who want to find an easy and affordable way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones when outside of the boundaries of reliable mobile phone service to companies that need to fulfil their duty of care obligations for their lone workers in the field, SPOT’s satellite trackers are the ultimate solution.

A top choice among big names like the UK Forestry Commission, Northumbrian Water Group, and the Lebanese Red Cross, SPOT’s high-quality products offer life-saving capabilities for both business and recreation purposes, allowing convenient tracking and protection anywhere around the world. Not only can SPOT’s satellite trackers help to save lives, but they can also help track valuable assets. Thanks to their reliability, they can speed up the theft recovery process.

As you would expect, SPOT’s trackers are designed for robustness and longevity. With long battery life and manufactured from strong and durable components, they can withstand even the toughest elements and provide optimal reassurance in a user-friendly and effective way. With a SPOT tracker, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, even if you or your key assets are off the grid.

Whatever the application we are here to advise on how SPOT can integrate with your business operations. And having sold over 20,000 devices sold you know it's advice you can trust.

SPOT's satellite tracking solutions are ideal for lone workers, asset management, and recreational purposes:


SPOT’s Gen4, Gen3, and X satellite trackers represent a life-saving, vital way of communicating with loved ones when mobile services are absent. This makes them an ideal choice for recreational users who love the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re hiking in a remote location, climbing a mountain, or heading out to sea, a SPOT tracker will allow you to stay connected at all times, or contact emergency responders instantly in a crisis.

Lone Workers

Companies today have a legal obligation to provide a duty of care for their employees, and this still applies if they are lone workers in a remote location. With this in mind, it isn’t too surprising that many organisations have now turned to SPOT’s satellite personal trackers that can keep workers connected and safe, even if they’re working off-grid. Gen4, Gen3, and X trackers allow easy and efficient communication via satellite even when there is no mobile signal to be found. Not only does this allow the company to stay in touch and to remain aware of their location, it also allows the emergency services to be alerted in the event of a problem.


Asset Management

Loss prevention and asset management are two major and costly concerns for businesses today. SPOT’s Trace trackers make it easy to track and monitor valuable assets even in the world’s most remote locations, making theft-alert and recovery simpler and affordable. Small, simple to install then deploy, SPOT Trace has a long-life battery and highly precise tracking so that an asset’s exact location can be viewed to within just 8 metres.

Everywhere Communications Hardware

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Case Study | UK Forestry Commission

We have worked with the Forestry Commission in England and Scotland to deploy SPOT Gen3 satellite messengers to Forestry Commission lone workers. Many lone workers are operating in dangerous, remote environments where mobile or radio coverage is impaired or non-existent. The task was to provide a solution that could overcome the lack of traditional communications structure and allow the worker to call for help if they did get into difficulty.

SPOT was an easy choice with its affordable hardware and airtime options. The compact size of the device also meant that the device would not impede the workers as they went about their tasks. Forestry Commission teams now have the ability to monitor the location of lone workers via satellite and have peace of mind that they can seek assistance if they need to.


Case Study | Scottish Water

Hundreds of Scottish Water employees work in remote parts of the country, often solo, managing assets including the reservoirs that supply water to over 2.54 million households and 152,000 businesses.

Scottish Water was already familiar with the SPOT device with 49 of their remote-working teams are already using the devices. Scottish Water came to GTC wanting to equip 250 further employees who are registered as lone workers.

SPOT Gen3 devices have been pre-configured with two services for Scottish Water - if an employee has an emergency, they can press SPOT’s one-touch SOS button. If they encounter non-life-threatening situations, such as a flat tyre, they can use the help button.

“With reliable satellite communications, we can get help to our employees whenever it is needed and wherever they might be. SPOT is a lifeline providing reassurance to families and colleagues that each lone worker is in safe hands.” Kes Juskowiak, Water Operations General Manager at Scottish Water.

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