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In today’s world we are expected to be constantly connected no matter where in the world we are.  For those that travel into remote areas sometimes a satellite broadband connection is the only way to achieve this.

Orbital Satcom offers a range of portable broadband terminals for this purpose.



Why do I need a satellite broadband terminal?

Satellite broadband terminals offer an always on data connection at speeds of up to 450kbps (model dependent).  As they rely on satellite connection these terminals can be used for a connection even when terrestrial coverage is unavailable.

These terminals allow the user access to the following features:

  • Voice and SMS*
  • Internet and intranet access
  • Email and file transfer
  • Video conferencing
  • Live video and audio broadcasting
  • Secure VPN
  • Encryption
  • WAN
  • VoIP and remote GSM
  • Push to talk

 If you only require a voice connection a satellite phone would suit your requirements.



Explorer 710Which terminals are available?

We offer terminals operating on the Inmarsat BGAN and Thuraya IP services.

Inmarsat BGAN offers near global coverage while Thuraya offers regional coverage.

Inmarsat BGAN terminals have the advantage of offering simultaneous voice and data usage. (Requires additional handset)

Although the Thuraya terminal does not offer a plug in voice handset the data capability can be used to take advantage of VoIP services like Skype and WhatsApp voice. 



BGAN VehicleWhat are airtime costs like?

Airtime costs vary depending on network and tariff as pre-paid and pay monthly options are available.

If the terminal is used infrequently or in case of emergency only a pre-paid tariff would be best.  If usage is more constant a pay monthly option will allow lower costs per MB and means no hassle adding vouchers to top-up your balance.

If you are within the Thuraya coverage area it is worth taking a look at their pay monthly plans which are very cost-effective and start from just one month minimum term.



BGAN BroadcastLive Video Broadcasting

Satellite broadband terminals are used by journalists all over the world to transmit live video reports.  In this scenario it is of great importance that the connection is continuous and in this case the user can take advantage of a Streaming service – a guaranteed data speed available at a fixed cost per minute.

Streaming services are available at up to 700kbps on Inmarsat BGAN equipment and 384kbps on Thuraya.





Need a faster data speed?

Inmarsat BGAN products can be bonded – combine two terminals to enable streaming speeds of over 1Mbps.  This service is available on the Cobham 710 and Hughes 9211-HDR.


* Traditional voice services only available on Inmarsat BGAN equipment






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