Update Facebook and Twitter via Satellite Phone using iOS or Android Devices

XGate iPhone and Android apps used by our SpeedMail Compression Software now lets users post to popular social media sites when connected to a Wi-Fi enabled satellite data feed.

Global Marine Networks (GMN), the leaders in advancing satellite data speed and services, today announced an update to its XGate iOS app and XGate Android app that let users update their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds when connected to a Wi-Fi enabled satellite data service. XGate Social Media Services are immediately available to SpeedMail subscribers in addition to accelerated satellite phone email, web browsing and weather data services.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the way millions of people share their lives with others every day. Yet until now satellite phone users, who are often in the remote places or emergency situations where they most want to update others of their status, have found it hard to post to social media sites,” said Dr. Luis Soltero, President and CTO of GMN.

“Now, satellite phone users can update all of their friends, business contacts or followers via satellite phone with the press of a button in the XGate application.”

SpeedMail powered by XGate offers email, web, weather, and now, social media services, designed for the unique needs of satellite data users. Satellite data feeds are significantly slower and/or much more expensive than most cellular data services, but have the advantage of working in places and times where cellular networks are not available. SpeedMail uses three to twenty times less data for each of its services than standard email, web, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter apps, saving satellite users time and money.

To access SpeedMail services, users simply need to connect to a Wi-Fi enabled satellite data feed, as would be found on a marine vessel, or created by a device such as the RedPort Wi-Fi Optimizer. SpeedMail will also work over cellular data networks, allowing customers to use a single app regardless of network, or to save on cellular data usage charges.

SpeedMail data services are a fast, reliable and easy-to-use satellite phone email, web, weather data – and now – social media service. Features include:

  • Up to 20 times faster email transfer speeds through compression and custom server protocols
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posting
  • Mid-file restart and automatic satellite phone connection control
  • Access to free GRIB weather files

SpeedMail's web service accelerates web browsing an average of three to five times faster than uncompressed rates through compression, page re-rendering and ad-blocking, giving users easier and more reliable access to web sites.

Pricing and Availability

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter updating are available to both new and existing users for standard SpeedMail subscription rates. Existing SpeedMail subscribers can download the latest version of XGate in the XGate downloads center. Currently, XGate Social Media services are available for all users of the following Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux versions:

  • Windows XP, Vista and 7, both 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Apple Mac OSX 10.4 or later computers
  • Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)
  • Google Android
  • Any Debian-based Linux system


SpeedMail works with any IP-based data service, including the following satellite phones.

Compatible USB-based satellite phones:

Compatible Serial or Ethernet-based phones and terminals:

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