Thuraya X5 Touch Satellite Phone | What Makes it So advanced?

About Thuraya X5 Touch Satellite Phone

The Thuraya X5 Touch Satellite Phone is the world’s first smart satellite phone. It is an Android-based satellite phone and its design strongly resembles that of today’s flagship Android phones thanks to the 5.2” HD touchscreen and app menu. However its fully ruggedised housing and Thuraya connectivity are just a couple of aspects that differentiate it from your everyday smartphone.

Why Is It One Of the best?

Of the current satellite phones available, the Thuraya X5 Touch is definitely one of the best, so long as you are travelling to or operating in one of the 140 countries that the Thuraya network serves. It is designed to be intuitive and with a familiar user-interface. It comes with one of the most powerful batteries of any satellite phone, with a talk time of up to 11 hours, and its advanced navigation features and tracking apps allow users to send their current location details to pre-defined numbers via SMS or email, all based on pre-set time intervals, distance travelled, or when moving inside or outside a pre-set geofence area.

Key Features of Thuraya X5 Touch

  • Coverage – EMEA & APAC Regions

The Thuraya X5 Touch Satellite Phone operates on the Thuraya network, providing reliable, clear, and uninterrupted communications across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. We would not recommend this phone for use in the Americas due to the lack of service.

  • Operating System

This Thuraya Satellite Phone runs on the Android platform from Google. A range of Google applications and services are preinstalled on your device, for example Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Search and the Google Play Store, which gives you access to a multitude of available 3rd party apps.

  • Dual-Mode Functionality

The X5 Touch works with Thuraya SIM cards or with GSM SIM cards or a combination of both. This Satellite Phone offers seamless walk-and-talk functionality even in satellite mode.

  • SOS

The Thuraya X5 Touch has a dedicated SOS button, which is easy to use in an emergency. Even when the phone is switched off, simply press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds, which starts the handset and triggers the SOS call (and/or SMS) to any pre-programmed number.

  • Battery Life

The Thuraya X5 has a high-capacity battery for extended talk time (up to 11 hours) and standby time (up to 100 hours).

  • Display

The 5.2” full HD LCD touchscreen of this Thuraya Satellite Phone is designed with Gorilla® glass to works with gloves and in wet conditions. Also, the X5 Touch has a front and rear camera.

  • Standard Ratings

The Thuraya X5 Touch complies with MIL standard and rated IP67 with full dust and water protection.


For a reliable, rugged, and long-lasting satellite phone that is closely related to any of today’s smartphones, the Thuraya X5 Touch is the ideal solution. It is widely utilised for tracking and navigation capabilities, as well as clear and efficient voice calls, SMS, and data sends, by teams and individuals operating in energy, enterprise, government, leisure, media, and relief aid industries.

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