Celebrating the Return of the Southampton Boat Show with 10% Off Our Bestselling Beacons, Trackers, and Hotspots

10% Off Locator Beacon and Flares Offer

Show: 10th–19th September

To celebrate the return of the Southampton Boat Show, we’re putting your safety in mind by offering a fantastic 10% off selected SOS beacons, flares, inReach trackers and Iridium Go! until September 19th. We have chosen these bestselling devices because they are trusted, reliable and even recommended, by national marine safety institutions like the RNLI.

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Our range of Personal Location Beacons (PLBs) and flares could be your lifeline in an emergency on land or at sea. They complement each other perfectly meaning it is best to set off with each of them in your rucksack. They are as compact as they are cost-effective, with no subscription costs whatsoever. Our PLBs have global coverage while our flares can be seen from over seven miles away.

Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1

World's smallest waterproof PLB that can be single-handedly deployed to send your GPS location to emergency services in case of SOS

Was £225.00 ex. VAT | Now £202.50 ex. VAT | Buy Now >

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Ocean Signal EDF1 LED Electronic Distress Flare

Distress flare with LED technology for emergency signalling visible up to seven miles away and up to six hours' battery life

Was £75.00 ex. VAT | Now £67.50 ex. VAT | Buy Now >

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Harness the reliability of the globally reaching Iridium network with the palm-sized Garmin inReach Mini tracker to send emails and SMS messages, as well as basic navigation and, in worst case scenarios, send an SOS at the push of a button. Or enhance your own mobile phone with the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi Hotspot to make calls, send emails and photos from areas around the world where terrestrial networks won’t connect.

Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Tracker (Orange)

Palm-sized satellite communicator offering SMS messaging, location tracking, SOS and navigation anywhere in the world

Was £220.83 ex. VAT | Now £197.93 ex. VAT | Buy Now >

Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Give your smart device global communications capabilities with the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi Hotspot and make voice calls and data connections from anywhere on the planet

Was £565.00 ex. VAT | Now £508.50 ex. VAT | Buy Now >

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Why Buy from GTC?

As a well-established reseller of some of the world’s most popular and reliable satellite communications devices, and with ready stock available for next-day delivery, we pride ourselves on the intricate knowledge we have of our product range. It means we can offer a wealth of professional advice and can even support you on the development of a communications strategy before you embark on your next adventure.

Speak to us today or visit our website for more information.

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