On Trial: Globalstar SmartOne C Satellite Tracker

At GTC we love to test our products fully so that we can give a complete understanding to our customers of how they perform. We have previously tested the DeLorme inReach and SmartOne Satellite Trackers & Queclink GL200 GSM Tracker on a roadtrip to Spain in 2013 (Read the blog post: Tracking Products on Trial: DeLorme inReach, SmartOne and Queclink GL200)

When the opportunity arose to test the latest satellite asset tracker, the Globalstar SmartOne C, on our Managing Director David's latest road trip to Spain we knew it would be a great chance to put the tracker to the test.

Globalstar introduced the SmartOne C, the world's smallest one-way satellite tracker, in 2015.

Key product features include:

  • Accelerometer that alerts owners to any unexpected motion
  • Ability to dynamically report asset status and monitor faults
  • Excellent battery life of over 1.5 years
  • Ability to function as stand-alone device - does not require external antennas or line-power

David's SmartOne C was programmed and set-up on our GTCTrack Mapping Portal to transmit every 5 minutes and was then simply placed on the dashboard with a clear line of sight to the sky. As you can see from the screenshots above the tracker provided a complete and accurate record of the journey across the continent.

"SmartOne C was a great way to keep family, friends and colleagues informed of my location on the road. It performed outstandingly and it's ease of set-up meant it didn't interfere with my other pre-trip preparations. At just £100 ex VAT and with minimal airtime costs this tracker is a great option for those wanting to track journeys or keep an eye on assets remotely."

It is worth mentioning that David chose to use the internal battery of the SmartOne C rather than line power to the vehicle - two other battery powered trackers were also used on the journey - both of these have since used up all their power while the SmartOne C is still going strong.

Grey skies leaving England, on to sunnier weather Grey skies leaving England, on to sunnier weather

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