Mother's Day 2019: Find the Perfect Gift for your Mum

Mother's day

Mother's Day is only around the corner!

To celebrate Mother's Day on 31st March, give the gift of adventure! Whether you are treating your mum or the special lady in your life, browse our range of trackers and PLBs to assist them on their next trip.

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Selection

4 This Mother's day we recommend the gifts to assist your mum and giver her peace of mind when she next goes off the grid. From the ACR ResQLink+ and Ocean Signal PLB1 beacons to the SPOT and inReach trackers, find the perfect gift for your mum!

Instagram (93)ACR ResQLink+ PLB

The ResQLink+ PLB can be used on land or at sea to contact help in an emergency situation. This PLB full-powered, GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed to quickly and accurately relay your position worldwide. Also, it is the only inherently buoyant PLB on the market! Find out more.

Ocean Signal rescueME PLBInstagram (94)

The Ocean Signal PLB comes with a flotation case to allow the device to float, so can be used at sea or on land. Additionally, this PLB weighs only 116g so is a lightweight addition to your kit and easily fits on a lifejacket or a rucksack strap! Find out more.

SPOT Gen3 - InstagramSPOT Gen 3 Tracker

This SPOT tracker allows your mother to transmit your GPS location, keep in touch with friends and family and call for help if needed, all at the push of a button. Also, the SPOT Gen 3 is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions - so this tracker is ideal for any trip off-the-grid. Find out more.

Instagram (96)The SPOT X Tracker

The new SPOT X offers two way messaging via SMS or email, tracking and SOS response. With up to 10 days battery life (based on continuous tracking every 10 minutes), your mum can rely on SPOT X to keep her connected when travelling in remote areas. Find out more.

Instagram (97)InReach Explorer+ Tracker

inReach Explorer+ combines two-way messaging, SOS function and tracking via the global Iridium satellite network. In addition it features pre-loaded maps with onscreen GPS routing. So your mum can plan her trip and make informed decision whilst in remote areas. Find out more.

How about a Rental for Mother's Day?

The inReach Explorer+ and SPOT Gen3 tracker are available to rent on our rental service from only £3.50 a day! We also have a wide range of PLBs available to rent including the ACR ResQlink+.

Contact Us

For more information on our PLBs and trackers or our rental service, contact us.

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