GTC Becomes Exclusive Reseller of New Bivy Stick Satellite Communication Device

As a major reseller of the world’s leading satellite communication equipment, we are excited to announce the brand new and exclusive Bivy Stick. Not available anywhere else in the UK, the affordable Bivy Stick from ACR Electronics is the ideal accompaniment to anyone venturing off-grid whether on land or at sea. The device itself is about the size of the average smartphone so it fits easily into pockets or can be attached to the strap of a backpack or belt loop using the carabiner included. The Bivy Stick is light (100g) but rugged as well as waterproof. It has a few buttons along the side. Users can check-in or initiate an SOS from the device, making it a self-contained safety tool, but the real value comes when you pair the Bivy Stick to your smartphone.

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Key Benefits

  • Maps & Navigation: never stray from the path with highly accurate mapping
  • Thousands of options: plenty of choice for climbers, bikers, hikers, paddlers, and skiers
  • Offline Maps: stay on track even when there’s no cellular network
  • Detailed Weather Reports: plan for the day ahead with satellite-powered weather updates

The Bivy App

The Bivy App gives users access to more than 50,000 adventures across many outdoor activities. From there, users can see stats including current pace, mileage, altitude, and offline maps so they know where they are even when mobile network connectivity is unavailable.

With a clear line of sight to the sky, turn the Bivy Stick on and connect it to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The main way to communicate is through the app, so load it up in order to send pre-composed messages, check in with contacts, type custom messages, or get point weather forecasts (not aviation-specific). You can even send an SOS message, which uses Global Rescue to coordinate search and rescue services. The app also has a variety of other features aimed mostly at hikers, including maps and trip-sharing options.

Stay Connected From the Trail

  • Iridium Connectivity: from trail to slopes you know you’re always on
  • Two-way Messaging: let those back home share your epic journey
  • SOS Monitoring: accurate tracking in an emergency situation
  • On-touch Check-in: announce your safe arrival at the touch of a button
  • Location Tracking: share where you are and where you have been
  • Never Lose Your Way

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