Globalstar Sees Rapid Growth in Satellite Data as It Now Processes Over 6.5 Million Simplex Messages Per Week

Globalstar's Satellite Simplex Data Network Provides Affordable High Quality M2M Global Asset Tracking, Remote Data Monitoring and GPS Messaging for Commercial Enterprise and Recreational Customers
Globalstar, a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services to businesses, government and consumers, today announced that its satellite-based Simplex data network processed an average of over 6.5 million messages per week during the past four weeks. This number represents an increase in global Simplex data traffic of approximately 50 percent compared with the average number of weekly Simplex messages the Company processed in January of 2010. Globalstar provides highly reliable satellite-based Simplex data M2M solutions for a variety of asset-tracking and data monitoring applications for enterprise and government customers. The Company's SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger also utilizes the Simplex data network to provide recreational consumers with web-based GPS tracking and messaging, even when they are far beyond the range of terrestrial mobile networks. "Customers who simply want to track or monitor the condition of mobile assets virtually anywhere are surprised to learn of the affordability of our low cost but highly reliable solution that operates from some of the most remote regions around the globe,'" said Steve Smits, VP of International Sales and Marketing for Globalstar, Inc. "The low cost of acquisition combined with our affordable data rates make Globalstar an attractive solution for customers looking to effectively track everything from heavy equipment, vehicles and cargo containers to livestock and remote workers. Even as we launch our new constellation of satellites and restore our voice and duplex data services, we want to re-emphasize our commitment to providing innovative and affordable Simplex data M2M and SPOT retail solutions to this important and fast growing segment of the mobile satellite services marketplace." Globalstar provides enterprise hardware solutions such as the Globalstar MMT to monitor on a daily basis the condition, or verify the location of, heavy construction equipment and other high value assets such as drilling equipment used in the oil and gas industry. The MMT, is a totally wireless device combining the latest Globalstar Simplex satellite, GPS and RF technologies with innovative battery design to deliver a "place-and-play", long service life solution. Globalstar's SmartOne solution is used to track the location or condition of assets such as cargo containers or oil well sites as often as every five to ten minutes. Designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and movable assets, SmartOne is a practical solution for engine runtime reporting and major fault monitoring applications. Value added resellers or VARs provide specialized back office solutions to interpret and customize the data being received from the remote assets via the Globalstar data network.

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