EVERYWHERE Communications Enhances their Always Connected™ Platform with Check-ins for Automated Duty of Care

EVERYWHERE Communications provides global safety, security, and connectivity solutions for enterprise and government organizations through its EVERYWHERE satellite and cellular platform, helping ensure remote worker safety and duty of care.

ANNAPOLIS, MD February 2, 2022 – A growing number of countries across the globe have enacted Duty of Care legislation that requires employers to provide employees operating in remote or hazardous areas with the tools needed to remain connected and safe. EVERYWHERE Communications provides global connectivity and situational awareness for Government and Enterprise organizations.

Responding to the needs of their customers around the world, the EVERYWHERE team is offering new check-In capabilities (Scheduled & Remote Check-ins) to readily monitor remote personnel who are in and out of cellular coverage. These new features automate a previously arduous and time-consuming process.

“Understanding our customers’ unique problems is our number one priority,” said Jake Bailey, VP of Product Management and Customer Success. “With that understanding, we are happy to announce our new Check-ins capabilities that provide increased confidence for administrators tasked with setting up the safety procedures and most importantly for the personnel operating in remote areas.”

Scheduled Check-ins give administrators the flexibility to tailor check-ins on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis to address the unique needs of their remote personnel. For example, a group of loggers are scheduled to be at a remote job site Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. An administrator can now schedule check-ins by both days of the week and the time of day; multiple check-ins may occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as the situation evolves. Flexible check-in schedules simplify and streamline an essential element of the duty of care process.

Remote Check-ins provide remote personnel the flexibility and autonomy to create their own check-in recurrence directly on their Garmin inReach® device with Everywhere software. If an unexpected situation occurs while outside cellular coverage, remote personnel can initiate a new check-in schedule and feel confident that their safety is being closely monitored with any missed check-in or report of “not Safe” triggering an immediate EVERYWHERE hub alert, as well as multi-channel notifications (SMS, Email, automated voice call).

These new EVERYWHERE Always Connected™ Check-in capabilities automate organizations’ Duty of Care and ensure their most important assets, their people, are connected and protected.

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