Christmas 2016 Gift Ideas


Get some inspiration for Christmas gifts this year with a selection of our 2016 bestsellers

Iridium GO! WiFi Hotspot

Gadget Lover:

Iridium GO! WiFi Hotspot

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a global communications device capable of making reliable voice calls and data connections anywhere in the world!

Simply flip up the integrated antenna and the battery-powered unit will connect quickly and automatically to Iridium's LEO satellite constellation creating a Wi-Fi hotspot within a 30.5m radius.

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ResQLink PLB

Sailing Enthusiast:


The only inherently buoyant PLB on the market, ResQLink has become a bestseller not only with sailors but among a wide range of our more adventurous customers.

This full-powered, GPS-enabled rescue beacon is designed to quickly and accurately relay your position to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites in an emergency situation.

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SPOT Gen3 Satellite Tracker


SPOT Gen3 Satellite Tracker

Wherever you travel, the SPOT 3 allows you to transmit your GPS location, keep in touch with friends and family and call for help if needed, all at the push of a button. When on the move it can transmit your GPS coordinates from as little as every 2.5 minutes so adventures can be shared in near real-time.

SPOT's growing family of products uses 100% satellite technology to provide location-based messaging and emergency notification for on or off the grid communications.

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Frequent Traveller:

DeLorme inReach SE

The DeLorme inReach SE satellite tracker uses the Iridium network and is capable of creating text messages via its virtual keyboard, sending out tracking points that can be viewed online, and transmitting SOS messages anywhere in the world.

With a color screen and virtual keyboard the inReach SE provides full, free-form messaging capabilities to any email address, social media posting, the ability to change service modes and configure user settings.

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