Choosing the Best Two-Way Radio Model for Effective Communication

Introduction to Two-Way Radios: Enabling Reliable Communication in a Variety of Settings

Two-way radios offer instant communication on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis whether on land or at sea. Popular with OSAT customers, they are a cost-effective alternative solution to other methods of communication, such as satellite phones, when you need to speak to colleagues or fellow travellers over much shorter distances. Thanks to their many different features and handset model variants, two-way radios are widely used in commercial and leisure maritime environments, at the construction site, or simply for a bit of fun with the family around the campsite or at the beach.

Instantaneous Communication is Possible Using Push-To-Talk (PTT) Technology

The ICOM IC-SAT100 Push-To-Talk (PTT) uses the Iridium network to provide users with reliable coverage anywhere in the world. This two-way radio system can be used as a communication tool in remote, isolated areas where there are no mobile phones or landline network infrastructure. Even if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters, this Push-To-Talk device can provide a stable backup, independent from other networks.

Compact and Portable Communication Solution With the ICOM M25E VHF Radio

Designed for use on the open ocean, the ICOM M25E VHF Radio is as easy to operate as it is easy on the wallet. Its display screen is crystal clear, much like its powerful 550mW (12 Ohm load) audio output, and in the event that it gets dropped overboard, the lightweight 220g handset is buoyant so will float on the surface of the water where its red LED light blinks through the rear panel showing the place of the radio so that it can be easily retrieved.

ICOM M37E VHF Radio: Trustworthy Maritime Communication Device

This powerful, floating ICOM M37E VHF Radio is a handheld that comes with a whopping 700 mW audio output meaning vocal instructions through the speaker grill can be heard in even the noisiest environments. It is ergonomic so fits comfortably in the hand, will float if accidently dropped into the water, and can be located by its flashing red LED light and LCD/key backlight. Durability and intelligence come built-in, because the IC-M37E is built to IP57 dust and waterproof protection rating (1 metre for 30 minutes), and also features an AquaQuake draining function to clear water away from the speaker grill preventing the speaker from becoming waterlogged.

Portable and Flexible Satellite Communication Device: ICOM IC-SAT100M

Much like its SAT100 PTT counterpart, the ICOM IC-SAT100M PTT also uses the Iridium network to provide users with coverage anywhere in the world. This two-way radio system is slightly different as it is not just a standalone handheld unit, but comes with a wall mountable fitting for buildings or vehicles. All other specifications remain the same, but this device can be specially mounted indoors or fitted in a car for PTT communications on-the-go.

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