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Engineered to provide broadband data communication at high speeds, Thuraya IP revolutionizes the way you work.

Thuraya IP is the world's first mobile satellite service to support 384 kbps Streaming IP, with connectivity of up to 444 kbps available on Standard IP. The TCP Accelerator for Thuraya IP delivers a faster, more seamless user experience when browsing the internet. It also reduces the number of TCP time outs, therefore optimizing productivity and performance, making remote connect ion to the internet as fast and convenient as if you were in the heart of the business district. Now even the most remote locations will seem like the centre of the city.

Thuraya IP can be a useful tool for:

  • Individuals requiring high-bandwidth applications
  • Small teams setting up a temporary office
  • Corporate customers
  • Government agencies
  • Media organisations
  • Non-government organisations

Thuraya IP Coverage

Thuraya IP Terminals

There are currently two satellite broadband terminals available that use the Thuraya IP network: The Thuraya IP Satellite Broadband Terminal and the Thuraya IP+ Satellite Broadband Terminal. The portable Thuraya IP satellite modems are a generation ahead in design and performance. Their ultra light weight and compact size enable convenient "always-on" broadband from even the most remote locations across more than 140 countries.

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Thuraya IP Airtime

GTC can provide both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go airtime for the Thuraya IP network:

Pay Monthly: Ensure your Thuraya IP terminal is always ready to connect and will never run out of credit by using it with a post-paid SIM card. Our post-paid Thuraya IP airtime contracts are perfect for regular users of Thuraya IP terminals or heavy users who wish to benefit from lower connection rates than those available through Thuraya IP pre-paid SIM cards.

Pay as you go: The easiest and most flexible way to use your Thuraya IP Terminal is with a pre-paid SIM card and pre-paid airtime vouchers. No monthly contract is required and pre-paid airtime can be used in any of the 140 countries in Thuraya's coverage zone.

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