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Have you been seeking a better method to keep track of your employees and assets? Are you looking for a team that can provide high-quality satellite tracking services? That's when the satellite tracking device with GPS comes in handy. We provide a wide selection of satellite GPS devices at GTC, allowing you to keep track of your assets while also enhancing single worker safety. Our global network of connections is centred in the UK and spans more than 165 countries, so you can rely on our digital, satellite-based technologies no matter where you are on the globe. 

We're proud to be the go-to team for clients that need satellite tracking devices powered by cutting-edge technology. Please get in touch with us immediately to learn more about our services. Our team can be contacted by phone on 08001 123 919 or by email at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. As they supply you with all of the necessary information, you can expect our experienced staff to be polite and courteous at all times. 


The Number One Suppliers of Satellite Tracking Devices  

Here at GTC, you can be guaranteed to find the GPS tracker you're looking for. The most efficient approach for keeping track of assets, especially on a worldwide scale, is to use satellites. Similarly, satellite phones enable individuals to stay connected even in remote areas or when connections are disrupted. GTC is proud to provide the most excellent satellite phones and trackers from leading manufacturers like Iridium, Globalstar, and Inmarsat. 

Regardless of the sort of assets you're monitoring, our virtual marketplace provides you with a wide range of satellite tracking devices to select from. Because each asset needs a unique monitoring profile, we at GTC are fully aware that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for monitoring features. For this reason, we've made sure to offer a range of various gadgets to help you out in any situation. In addition, many of our services and devices have 100% worldwide coverage, allowing customers in distant places to make a phone call, access the internet, and track assets or employees from anywhere on the planet. 


What is a Satellite Tracking Device?  

Our product linkage reaches nearly every part of the globe at our UK-based firm. You can get satellite-based, GSM-based, and even dual-mode tracker devices. Our UK connection solutions are powered by three of the world's most powerful satellites, which are Globalstar, Iridium, and Thuraya. They ensure global and comprehensive coverage at all times. So, no matter where you are on the globe, you can keep track of the movement and position of your company's assets and personnel.  

You can track fixed and mobile assets, such as cars and shipments, to ensure they follow the prescribed path and arrive at their destinations on time with our satellite tracking devices. Here at GTC, we supply the most up-to-date GPS satellite tracking technology to help you keep total visibility in the field without having to leave your office.  

In a word, a satellite tracking device is a gadget that gets its data from a continuous cycle fed by satellites above. These trackers keep track of important data regarding each asset. At any given moment, this information is sent to up to six satellites. To execute trilateration, at least three different satellites are required, with the GPS tracker supplying three distinct distances and the intersection producing a set of coordinates. The GPS station picked is the one that is closest to the Earth's surface. 


Benefits of Satellite Tracking Devices?  

When it comes to using our satellite tracking devices, there are certainly many benefits, including:

  • Real-time access to asset information 
  • High-Value Assets Can Be Monitored From Anywhere in the World 
  • Keep an Eye on the Cargo Status While in Transit
  • Defend Your Assets From Theft
  • Personal Safety is Protected
  • Keep the Fleet Running Smoothly
  • Keep a Virtual Presence in Off-Shore Working Environments
  • Use features that are Tailored to your Company's Needs and Objectives
  • Remove Reliance on Unreliable Smartphone Connections

Our Range of Satellite Tracking Devices  

Here at GTC, We are proud of our broad product line, so have a look around our website or contact our staff to learn more! Some of these personal and asset satellite trackers we supply are, but are not limited to:  

  • SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker
  • Garmin GPSMAP 66i Tracker
  • Iridium Edge Pro
  • SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker


Personal Satellite Trackers  

The safety of your workers is essential, but when they work overseas, it can be difficult to keep track of their working circumstances. Satellite-based tracking allows you to track your personnel's movements in real-time, allowing you to stay on top of their locations in the field. Some systems even have "man down" alert settings, allowing you to deploy quick emergency assistance in the event of an injury.

You can keep track of your people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a satellite tracker. You can track their whereabouts, receive updates about local events, and set up alerts in the event of an emergency. 


SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker  

The SPOT Gen4 satellite tracker is the most recent in a long series of dependable and trustworthy SPOT satellite trackers. This tracker allows you to communicate with friends and relatives as well as request assistance from almost anywhere on the planet. Battery life, design, and durability have all improved in the fourth generation. 

Not only is the SPOT Gen4 a personal satellite tracking device, but it is also an SOS device that allows emergency messaging. Suppose you find yourself in a dangerous situation. In that case, you can rest assured that your SPOT device will send your GPS coordinates to your emergency contact numbers and the FocusPoint International Emergency Response Center at the press of a button. Because of the satellite transmission, your SOS message will be received even in the most remote locations.  

The SPOT Gen4 satellite tracker can also be used to send pre-programmed messages to friends, family, and coworkers. Email addresses or SMS numbers can be used to send these messages. Simply prepare the text you would like to deliver and the people you would like to send it to before your journey, and your message will be delivered at the touch of a button. 


Garmin GPSMAP 66i Tracker  

One of the other most used satellite trackers we offer here at GTC is the Garmin GPSMAP 66i tracker. What makes this GPS handheld and satellite communicator device unique is that tracking, SOS, two-way messaging, and navigation are all included in it. In addition, on this gadget, automated tracking is provided, allowing contacts back home to follow your travels or you to watch the movement of your assets.  

When it comes to emergency messaging in this device, friends, family, and coworkers can be notified, and certain devices, such as Garmin and SPOT, can send notifications to a specialist emergency response centre. The coastguard can also receive emergency notifications from PLBs and EPIRBs. This gadget allows for two-way messaging, which means it has the capability of sending and receiving messages. 

Last but not least, this GPS tracker device has built-in navigational functions such as current position, way point marking, route planning, and trip information. An altimeter and/or compass are available on some versions. 


Asset Satellite Trackers  

As an asset manager, you have the difficult task of keeping track of the precious resources with which your company does business. So, how do you make sure that these assets are in the right places and doing their jobs? This is where asset tracking through satellite comes in. Asset tracking or management simply entails attaching a GPS tracker on your assets so that you may monitor them using satellites from anywhere on the planet. Satellite signals can readily convey the precise geographic position, allowing you to ensure that your fleet operations operate properly. 

The GPS tracker delivers signals to orbiting satellites in space. The tracker's position is then determined by measuring the signal's delay. A multi-network GPS can help you get better results since it communicates with more satellites, which allows you to get precise geographical coordinates much faster. Your mobile assets, such as automobiles, may be tracked in any medium, including air, sea, and land. By knowing more about their present location, prior locations, and time, you can get the most out of your mobile assets while still guaranteeing timely delivery. This is also true for off-grid freight transit. 

GTC is a UK-based firm with a remarkable capacity to link people from almost every corner of the globe. You've come to the correct place if you're looking for a GPS tracker. From GSM and dual-mode tracking devices to satellite-based technology, you'll find it all here. Globalstar, Iridium, and Thuraya, three of the major satellite providers, enable our UK connection capabilities. They provide exceptional worldwide satellite-based asset tracking. In addition, the experts at GTC can assist you in integrating satellite-based asset tracking. To learn more, contact our team now! 


Iridium Edge Pro  

Iridium is one of the world's most advanced satellite communication companies. Iridium's worldwide reach enables people and businesses to maintain real-time track of their assets anywhere around the globe. Iridium has definitely triumphed in creating a highly dependable, robust, and economical device for both GPS fleet management and precise asset monitoring with the introduction of the Iridium Edge Pro. 

The Iridium Edge Pro is a portable asset tracking device that can be implemented quickly because it combines conventional terrestrial solutions with high-tech IoT satellite connectivity to instantly enable the user to follow any asset, regardless of its location on the globe. In addition, it uses special Short Burst Data technology to offer a real-time report on the position of any asset or vehicle, which is supported by a reliable global network of Iridium satellites with low latency. 

The difference between the Iridium Edge Pro and the other devices mentioned above is that this device is used solely for tracking, and it doesn't allow for emergency messaging or two-way messaging. However, this GPS tracker is still perfect to create your own end-user apps and monitor them remotely, track assets in transit, offer security from afar, and control your fleets or boats from anywhere. 


SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker  

The Spot Trace satellite tracker is one of the best trackers available from GTC. You can always rely on Spot Trace whether you're off the grid or without reliable cellular connectivity. Automated tracking is available on this device, allowing you to keep track of all your assets' movements. Spot Trace may be used to keep track of both authorised and unauthorised movements. So your vehicle, motorbike, boat, and the caravan will always be secure where they're supposed to be with Spot Trace. 

Spot Trace allows you to track your most precious objects in real time and alert you when they start moving. When you utilise SPOT Mapping on your phone, tablet, or PC, you'll always know where your asset is. There will be considerably less downtime and signal interruption because SPOT Trace is solely reliant on satellite networks. Plus, when you use the SPOT Trace satellite tracker, you'll be using a device that's linked to the Globalstar Satellite Network, which is one of the newest satellite networks available. 


Satellite Tracker Accessories  

Here at GTC, we offer a comprehensive selection of satellite tracker accessories for the Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium, and Thuraya networks. Some of the most widely bought accessories are devices that can charge Satellite Phones, Trackers and SmartPhones such as the Goal Zero- Nomad 7 plus. Other accessories include an extension strap and a heavy duty hook in order to keep the satellite tracker device secure when the asset is moving.  

In addition to that, the accessories we provide at GTC also include portable solar power kits, adjustable handheld mounds, and many others. We also have accessories that can be used for any satellite tracking device you purchase that can be utilised on the asset you want to monitor.  


Why Choose Our Satellite Tracking Device?  

As a family-owned and operated company, we put your safety and the protection of your possessions first! GTC is by far the finest option for satellite tracking and communication technology acquisition and purchase. We've been offering high-quality communication, satellite tracking, and mapping services for almost a decade.  

We cherish our clients as a family business and treat them with the highest care and sincerity while maintaining a strong multi-national presence as a company that can meet all of your needs with our wide range of high-quality services and products. 

GTC's objective is simple and straightforward: to deliver the highest quality GPS tracking and communication technologies to our clients. Our SPOT Trace GPS tracker devices, satellite phones, wifi hotspots, high-speed satellite internet, and prepaid monthly airtime options are just a few of the items we provide. In addition, they have connections to a number of major satellite networks, including Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium, and Thuraya, all of which are available at surprisingly low costs. 

We have an incredible selection of gadgets to suit all budgets. We propose satellite tracking devices if you want to save expenses, enhance efficiency and accountability, streamline operations, and secure your people and assets. We have a large selection of devices with various specs and features, so whatever your needs are, we can meet them! 


Contact Us  

So you want to benefit from the most significant satellite tracking device on the market? Then get in touch with the professionals at GTC right now! Our team is confident in its ability to meet the demands of all clients and provide satellite tracking devices and services that will enable them to track their assets easily. We're always happy to speak with potential clients in depth, so please get in touch if you have any particular questions. 

Feel free to pick up the phone and call our team of professionals right now! You can reach us on the UK Freephone 0800 112 3919 or +44 1202 801290 if you're calling from outside the UK. You can also contact us at if you'd like to communicate with us in writing. You can depend on the satellite tracking experts at GTC to assist you, regardless of how you contact them! 

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