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We are here to make buying a satellite phone as easy as possible. There are handsets available from four different networks and which model is best for you depends on a few requirements which we outline below.

Network Coverage

Firstly, where are you going to be using the satellite phone? The four networks all have different coverage although most of the world is covered by multiple networks. See our network coverage guide for more information. For example, if you are going to the Poles the only available network is Iridium. If you are visiting Europe you have a choice of all three networks.

  • Iridium – Global
  • Inmarsat – Global excluding the poles
  • Thuraya – Regional
  • Globalstar - Regional
Satellite Phone Features

Secondly, what features do you require? Aside from voice capability most satellite phones offer SMS and a slow data service. On other models such as Iridium Extreme, IsatPhone 2 and Thuraya XT-PRO GPS tracking is also available. If you require features such as advanced tracking or high speed data transfer you might find a satellite tracker or broadband terminal more suitable.

Top Tip

Use our Filter feature on the Satellite Phones page to show the handsets which meet your requirements

Satellite Phone Call Plans

Lastly, you need to consider the calling plans available. Each network offers a pre-paid or pay monthly service. With pre-paid you pay upfront for a number of minutes which will valid for a set period of time from activation. Pay monthly plans usually have a minimum of one month term with some networks offering inclusive minutes each month.

In conclusion the most important factor in choosing a satellite phone is the network coverage. After that has been established you can choose a handset based on budget, features and calling plans.
If you are still unsure feel free to contact us with your questions.

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