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SatCallSaver reduces call charges to satellite phones by up to 93% and unlike traditional landline and mobile operators offers transparent up-front pricing and information on calls.

To avoid the hassle of remembering long satellite phone numbers SatCallSaver provides users with a unique, easy to remember local number which connects directly to the sat phone.

SatCallSaver will be available shortly with low-cost pre-paid and contract options available.

Click here to sign up to SatCallSaver.

Your Current Dilemma

14+ digit numbers that are confusing and difficult to use.
Expensive long-distance charges when calling a satellite phone.
Many countries and carriers restrict calling satellite phones.

SatCallSaver Solution

Unique local numbers that everyone understands.
The person calling the sat phone number benefits from a local rate.
Wherever you have to call from, there are no restrictions for local numbers.

hours of operation

Monday - Friday
9AM - 5 PM EST

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Questions? Give us a call: 1 305 560 5355


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Orbital SatCom
3250 Mary St., Suite 410, Coconut Grove, FL 33133, United States

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