What is OrbitalTrack?

OrbitalTrack is a web-based portal designed to track, monitor and communicate with satellite and GSM devices worldwide. Personal and asset trackers from multiple manufacturers and networks can be added to the portal in minutes allowing operations teams to view the movement of lone workers and assets in real time.

Information such as position, speed, altitude and heading are easily viewable, while alerts and reports allow you to prioritise the assets which need your attention.

Devices with SOS buttons can be configured to send their location through to OrbitalTrack in the event of an emergency where the operator will be able to view their location in real-time and communicate with the user to co-ordinate a response.

For any organisation managing global teams or assets working in remote or dangerous locations, OrbitalTrack brings critical information from multiple resources into one easy to use asset management system.

Supporting Satellite, GSM and Bespoke Systems in One Universal Solution



Lone Workers

Personnel working in dangerous or remote locations worldwide can carry devices which automatically transmit their locations to OrbitalTrack at specified intervals and call for help if required. Operations teams are able to monitor teams in one universal portal no matter what type of GPS device they are carrying - satellite or GSM.


Remote Assets

Monitor remote assets and machinery with satellite and GSM GPS transmission straight to the OrbitalTrack portal. OrbitalTrack alerts you of unauthorised movement with the setup of click and drag geofence entrance/exit areas


Event Management

OrbitalTrack is a popular choice for event organisers managing yacht races, bike events, ultra marathons and rallies. Monitoring entrants in one universal login meets duty of care requirements while public pages can be created increasing engagement with sponsors and followers back home.


Fleet Management

OrbitalTrack is compatible with systems which can transmit advanced vehicular and driver information such as fuel level, fuel consumption, battery status, harsh braking and acceleration reports. Schedule daily reports and setup alerts for any high speed or dangerous driving and track them back to individual drivers.

Find out how OrbitalTrack can improve the way you monitor your personnel and assets.

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