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The launch of the Iridium Extreme brings an exciting development - satellite tracking within a portable satellite phone handset.

  • Access users through on-demand tracking
  • Monitor employees en route through position updates and geo-fencing
  • Use scheduled check-ins to instruct daily missions
  • Ensure safety of remote personnel
  • Send an SMS with your exact location co-ordinates viewable on an online map

GTCTrack Web Interface

Global Telesat Communications offer their own GTCTrack platform as the interface for the Iridium Extreme. The online interface is easy to use, reliable and cost-effective. From the browser based login you can access waypoints for the Iridium Extreme - if you have a team all carrying an Extreme and/or other satellite/GSM devices you can control and monitor all devices from one screen.

Users of the online tracking interface can remotely:

  • specify how frequently the device sends messages - as frequently as every 5 minutes
  • identify and monitor devices which have raised an emergency alert
  • send a message to the device
  • forward location of devices by email to friends, family or colleagues
  • immediately locate the device if tracking isn't already enabled
  • view speed and altitude of devices


Use of the Iridium Extreme Location Based Services requires a pay monthly contract.

Further information on pricing

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We are happy to provide online demos of the Iridium Extreme tracking capabilities and GTCTrack interface.

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