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ESN: Electronic Serial Number.

GTC: Global Telesat Communications.

ICCID: Integrated Circuit ID - A unique number which identifies SIM cards.

IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity - A unique number which identifies equipment.

IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity - A unique number which identifies SIM cards.

Inmarsat BGAN: Broadband Global Area Network.

Inmarsat FBB: Fleet BroadBand.

Inmarsat GSPS: Global Satellite Phone Service.

Inmarsat SBB: Swift BroadBand.

MSISDN: Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number - Or more commonly, your satellite phone number.

MSISDN-C: This is your data phone number.

MSS: Mobile Satellite Services.

PIN: Personal Identification Number - Used to allow use of SIM and equipment.

PUK: Personal Unblocking Code - Required to unlock blocked SIM cards.

SBD: Short Burst Data - An Iridium Data service.

SIM: Subscriber Identity Module - SIM card.

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