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The sMRT ALERT is an intuitive man-overboard tool, combining AIS and VHF DSC technologies into a portable, powerful, handheld marine safety device. Activated on water, with clear audio and visual cues, and versatile mounting options for easy life jacket integration, it's a complete alert and locating PLB system. Enhanced further by compatibility with the sMRT beacon management app for ongoing product monitoring, the sMRT ALERT sets new standards for marine safety.

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Introducing the revolutionary sMRT ALERT AIS DSC MOB device – a smart handheld solution for man-overboard incidents. Seamlessly integrating AIS and VHF DSC technologies into its sleek, compact design, this device prioritizes user-friendliness without sacrificing functionality or reliability. It's crafted for quick deployment, making marine safety accessible to all.

One of its standout features is its water activation technology. Designed to activate upon immersion, it swiftly transmits distress alerts and location data upon contact with water. This ensures peace of mind in situations where manual activation is impractical or life jacket malfunctions.

Taking onboard the importance of versatility and simplicity, the sMRT provides multiple mounting choices to easily fit various life jacket styles. It also comes with an internal DSC receiver, making it compliant with 2024 ECC Class M regulations for Man Overboard devices.

Further enhancing its capabilities, the device is compatible with the sMRT Beacon Management mobile app, enabling seamless product health assessments, real-time device surveillance, and maintenance of test records.

Key Features

  • VHF DSC: Through DSC technology, any nearby vessels are immediately alerted to a man-overboard situation.
  • AIS: Built-in AIS functionality means the individual's live location is continuously updated and displayed.
  • Dual GNSS: Integrated GPS and Galileo receivers ensure rapid, global detection, enhancing accuracy in locating the individual.
  • Class-M Compliance: Compliant with European regulation ECC/DEC/(22)02 pertaining to MOB device usage, ensuring adherence to international standards.
  • Mobile App Compatibility: Syncs up with the sMRT Beacon Management App via NFC, allowing users to easily perform tasks such as device status monitoring and health checks.
  • Water Activation: Activates automatically when submerged in water for 2 seconds, ensuring immediate response in emergencies.
  • Strobe Light: Built-in strobe light aids low-light conditions or night time rescues by increasing visibility on the water.
  • Coloured LEDs: LEDs change colour based on the beacon's status, providing visual cues for device functionality and alerts.
  • 5-Year Battery Life: Long-life battery allows for added reliability and peace of mind.
  • Audible Alarm: Features an audible alarm to aid in location and alert users of potential false activations, enhancing user awareness.
  • Dual Activation Methods: The device can be activated manually or when immersed in water, meaning it will work even if the user is incapacitated or unable to activate the device.
  • Waterproof Design: Designed to withstand water exposure, ensuring durability and reliable performance in marine environments.

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