Lowrance LINK6S VHF


With built-in GPS, intuitive controls, and a four-button fist microphone,...
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Lowrance Link-6S VHFModel: 000-14493-001 Includes internal GPS High visibility LCD with inverted ...


Why Choose Lowrance VHF Radios?

Dependable Performance: Lowrance VHF radios are built to withstand harsh marine conditions. Their intuitive controls, including rotary channel dials and dedicated emergency keys, ensure quick access when it matters most.

Integrated GPS: The Link-6S comes with an internal GPS antenna, simplifying installation and providing accurate position data.

Scan Modes: Choose between scanning all available channels or your selected favorites. Emergency channels can be prioritized to prevent missing distress calls.

Easy Installation: Whether flush-mounted or bracket-mounted, Lowrance radios offer flexible installation options.

Peace of Mind: With Lowrance VHF radios, you’re not just buying a communication device; you’re investing in safety and peace of mind on the water.

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