Ocean Signal SafeSEA EPIRB1 PRO (Cat1)

Ocean Signal SafeSEA EPIRB1 PRO (Cat1)


Part Number: EPI3125

The Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB1 Pro is the newest unit to market.  Housed in a float free bracket it allows for an auto release and activation when in contact with water.  The EPIRB1 Pro also boasts a 10 year battery life and long lasting life when activated.

Ocean Signal SafeSEA EPIRB1 PRO (Cat1)

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Ocean Signal EPIRB1 Pro is house in a hydrostatic release unit (HRU) meaning that it is automatically released and activated when in contact with water or can be removed and used as a stand alone unit with manual activation.  Your GPS position will be transmitted to emergency services wherever you are in the world.

Paired with a 10 year battery life and an operating life of up to 48 hours once activated, it provides an excellent battery life.


Ocean Signal EPIRB1 Pro Key Features:


As the EPIRB Pro is house in an hydorstatic release unit (HRU), it would allow for the unit to be automatically release from this holder and float free to the surface allowing a clear line of sight to the sky so the EPIRB Pro can transmit.  If the unit is removed from the HRU then it will still activate upon contact with water or can be manually activated if you simply press the SOS button.  Simply release this EPIRB1 from the bracket on your vessel, extend the antenna and press the ON put. This EPIRB will also activate when immersed in water (not available in Australia and New Zealand)


GPS Transmission

Upon initiation of a distress call, the Ocean Signal EPIRB1 built-in GPS will fix your position to within a few meters and then utilizes a powerful 406 MHz signal to relay your distress call to orbiting satellites. When triggered, the EPIRB1 broadcasts a unique registered distress signal that not only tells rescuers where you are, but who you are. This is typically within 5 minutes, but can be up to 45 minutes depending on satellite coverage.

An additional feature is the 121.5 MHz secondary homing transmitter which means that once Search and Rescue teams have been deployed, they are able to home in on your exact location. 



EPIRBs have been proven, tried and tested in some of the world's most remote locations and treacherous conditions. Even in extreme conditions and situations, the Ocean Signal EPIRB1 activates easily.


Subscription Free

Unlike most satellite enabled notification devices, the Ocean Signal EPIRB1 requires no monthly or annual subscription, making it one of the most cost effective GPS enabled emergency beacons available for long term use. The EPIRB1 does not rely on commercial call centres, meaning your request for help is received directly by Search and Rescue authorities. 


Strobe Light

This Ocean Signal EPIRB1 Pro features a high brightness LED strobe to increase visibility in low light conditions.


Operation and Battery Life 

Once an emergency request has been initiated, the Ocean Signal EPIRB1 Pro offers a minimum 48hr continuous operation and a 10-year battery storage life. The battery must also be replaced if the EPIRB has been activated. 



Registering your Ocean Signal EPIRB is required by law in most countries. Registering is very important because should your beacon ever be activated, it is how Search and Rescue Teams will know who you are, and contacts provided may be able to supply information about your specific travel plans. In the absence of this information, it may take longer for a search-and-rescue operation to begin.

Once you have received your programmed EPIRB, the owner is required to register their PLB with the Cospas Sarsat website to add their device to the International Beacon Registration Database (IBRD). To register your device, you must provide your unique Beacon HEX ID number, which can be found on your EPIRB and box. Use the links below to register your device:

Country Registration: https://406registration.com/

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Size (EPIRB Only/Ant Up) 340 x 89 x 100 mm
Size (Bracket) 237 x 191 x 121 mm
Weight (EPIRB & Bracket) 1250g
Weight (EPIRB Only) 422g
Battery Type Lithium Primary
Operating Battery Life >48 hours @ -20°C
Operating Temperature Range -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
Strobe Light High Intensity LED
Satellite Transmission 406.040MHz, 12Watts (Max EIRP)
Output Power 5 Watts (nominal)
Homing Transmission 121.5MHZ
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