Kymeta U8 GEO Terminal, 20W BUC, IQ200, LTE Advanced Pro (Global)

Kymeta U8 GEO Terminal, 20W BUC, IQ200, LTE Advanced Pro (Global)

The u8 terminal is the next generation of high performance Ku band satellite terminals for use on land or at sea from Kymeta.  Whether connecting via satellite or cellular the u8 will keep you connected even in the most remote of locations.


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Kymeta U8 GEO Terminal, 20W BUC, IQ200, LTE Advanced Pro (Global)

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Due for release in Q4 2020, the Kymeta u8 terminal provides an all-in-one communications and high-speed data solution anywhere you need it.


The u8 has been redeveloped to improve antenna performance and offers greater flexibility in the way it can be used with terminal, antenna and flyaway packages available.


The u8 terminal is suitable for use at sea or on land for first responders, vehicles, military and government customers.


What's different about the u8?

The u8 terminal provides enhanced performance alongside greater flexibility for customers to integrate the hardware into their own customised solution.  Furthermore, the u8 antenna is ready for the Ku-band LEO constellations of the future. 


Kymeta u8 Key Features


Always-on Connectivity

Kymeta u8 features an integrated multi-WAN device which provides seamless satellite and cellular coverage.


Lightweight and Low Profile

u8 is lightweight, aerodynamic and it's low profile makes it ideal for developers to integrate the terminal into their own mobile platforms.


Low power consumption

The u8 requires very low power to point and track while on the move - typically just 35W.


Easy Installation

Quick to install and set-up, the u8 is ideal for rapid deployment - un-box, add power and go.



The u8 terminal is available in a variety of packages including all inclusive hardware and airtime plans payable on a monthly basis.


About Kymeta

Kymeta is delivering solutions for the next generation of mobile connectivity.  Unlocking the potential of satellite, combined with cellular networks, Kymeta offers solutions that are low-profile, lightweight, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. In August 2020 Kymeta raised $85.2 million in a new funding round led by Bill Gates.

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All-inclusive bundled connectivity packages with monthly rates are available for the u8 terminal through the Kymeta Connect program.  Details coming soon.





Band Ku Scan Angles Az 360°, El +15° to +90°
Antenna Type Electronically scanned array Tracking Receiver Type Integrated tracking system
Aperture RX and TX combined
82 cm active diameter
Polarization Linear, software-defined
(circular with software upgrade)




Rx Frequency Range 10.7 GHz to 12.75 GHz Dimensions L 89.5 cm × W 89.5 cm x H 12.3 cm
L 35.2 in. × W 35.2 in. x H 4.8 in.
G/T Broadside 9 dB/K to 11.5 dB/K Weight 25kg (55 lb)
G/T @ 35° Elevation,
Typical Land Mobile
6 dB/K to 9 dB/K Operational Temperature -40 °C to +70 °C (equivalent to
+55 °C + solar loading) with an
integrator air circulation solution
Rx Instantaneous Bandwidth 250 MHz Storage Temperature 40 °C to +85 °C


Ingress Protection




Tx Frequency Range 13.75 GHz to 14.5 GHz Network Interface Ethernet
Tx Gain Broadside 33.5 dBi to 34.5 dBi
(14.0 GHz to 14.5 GHz)
RF Connectors N-type
GTx Gain @ 35° Elevation,
Typical Land Mobile
31 dBi to 32.5 dBi
(14.0 GHz to 14.5 GHz)
Waveguide Port WR-75
Cross-Polarization Isolation ≥25 dB    
Tx Instantaneous Bandwidth >62 MHz    



DC Input Power 12 VDC to 36 VDC max Certifications in Progress CE, UL, RoHS, FCC
Power Consumption (No Modem, RF Chain) 35 W (typical), 450 W (peak)*    


Specifications as of 30 September 2020. Subject to change.


* Software restriction on peak draw available. May affect antenna performance at low temperature.


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