Iridium Edge Solar Satellite Asset Tracker

Iridium Edge Solar Satellite Asset Tracker


Iridium Edge Solar is a compact satellite asset tracker powered purely by solar energy making it perfect for tracking and monitoring valuable assets anywhere in the world.  Using the proven Iridium Short Burst Data service, Edge Solar is a two way device which can connect via Bluetooth to local devices for those wanting to integrate it into more complex systems.

Iridium Edge Solar Satellite Asset Tracker

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Iridium Edge Solar offers two-way satellite communication anywhere in the world.  Its encapsulated design includes the power supply and antenna which makes it instantly deployable to track and monitor assets such as vehicles, vessels, heavy machinery and shipping containers.


Iridium Edge Solar uses the reliable Iridium Short Burst Data service to send and receive messages anywhere in the world.  GPS locations are transmitted to offer real time tracking while Bluetooth capabilities allow integration into more advanced systems for transmission of data from sensors.


Iridium Edge Solar can be configured over the air and has a life span of up to 10 years making it ideal for use in hard to reach locations.


Its Bluetooth capability connects it with wireless sensors and other local devices to enable use within SCADA systems.


Iridium Edge Solar devices must be activated on a service plan with the original hardware provider. An activation fee is added to the hardward device when you add to basket.


Iridium Edge Solar Key Features:

  • Global two-way satellite tracking via Iridium Short Burst Data Service.
  • Bluetooth capability for integration into complex systems
  • Remote Over-The-Air Configuration Changes
  • Interval and Scheduled Reporting Modes
  • Start/Stop Reporting/In Motion Reporting
  • Full encapsulated - no external connectors
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Open Message Protocols and Message Parsing ICDs


OSAT Track Compatible

The Iridium Edge Solar Satellite Tracker is compatible with OSAT Track, our advanced online mapping portal.


OSAT Track makes visible a variety of advanced tracking functions such as a breadcrumb trails of historic movements, live view (position of last message transmitted) and alarm and input alerts. Asset locations and movements are tracked in real-time via GPS updates and available to view through a Google Earth based interface. These tracking functions are available with an additional subscription.


  • Notifications and message alerts can be sent directly to the holder of the device via email
  • Geo-Fencing capabilities 
  • Global Tracking
  • Multiple layer options and map views
  • Inclusive to all devices with GPS tracking capabilities
  • Past-tracking data points are always accessible, until the device is de-activated
  • Mapping and asset grouping customization options are available
  • Data Reporting and Scheduling functions


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Service Basic 2K 5K 8K
Activation Fee $15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $15.00
Monthly Fee $6.00 $9.00 $11.25 $13.50
Minimum Term 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Inclusive Bytes 0 2,000 5,000 8,000
Minimum Billable Message 10 Bytes 10 Bytes 10 Bytes 10 Bytes
Overage Rates
Overage Fee (per KB) $3.00 $2.25 $1.88 $1.13
Monthly Suspension Fee $1.50 $1.50 $1.50 $1.50



Dimensions 16.42 cm X 7.12 cm x 3.29 cm
Weight ~470g
Operating Temperature -40 C to 85 C
High Temperature Resistance MIL-STD-810G:501.5, IEC60068-2-2 to 85°C
Low Temperature Resistance MIL-STD-810G:502.5, IEC60068-2-1 to -50°C
Recommended Storage Temperature Store Below 32°C for Best Results
Combined Thermal & Humidity Exposure MIL-STD-810G:507.5, 20-95%RH Up to 60°C
Solar Radiation Exposure UL746C F1, ASTM-G154 to 1.0 yr
Salt Fog Exposure MIL-STD-810G:509.5 IEC60068-2-11 to 1000 hrs
Combined Operational Temperature & Altitude MIL-STD-810G:500.6 to 15000 ft
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-810G:503.5, 20 Cycles Between -40°C to 85°C < 1-Min Transition
Impact Resistance ASTM D3763
Operational Vibration MIL-STD-810G:514.7, IEC60068-2-80 to 7.5Grms Random (5Hz-2000Hz)
HALT Qualmark HALT testing guideline 993-0336, Rev 4 to 50Grms (5Hz – 10000Hz, -40°C to 85°C)
Mechanical Shock MIL-STD-810G:516.7 to 300Gpk
Reliability IPC9592a
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP68





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