Iridium 9602-N Short Burst Data Transceiver

Iridium 9602-N Short Burst Data Transceiver


The Iridium 9602 modem allows developers to take advantage of the global Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) service.

Iridium 9602-N Short Burst Data Transceiver

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The Iridium SBD 9602 

A single-board transceiver provided as a "black box" and all device interfaces are provided by a single multi-pin interface connector in addition to the antenna connector. The unit is intended to be used as a transceiver module to be fitted within another host system.

The Iridium 9602 Short Burst Data (SBD) Transceiver is designed to be integrated into wireless data applications with other host systems hardware and software.

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Service SBD 0 SBD 12 SBD 17 SBD 30
Activation Fee FREE $40.00 $40.00 $40.00
Monthly Fee $17.00 $20.00 $25.00 $42.50
Minimum Term 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Suspended Monthly Fee $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
Minimum Billable Message Size 30 Bytes 10 Bytes 10 Bytes 10 Bytes
Inclusive Bytes per Month 0 Bytes 12,000 Bytes 17,000 Bytes 30,000 Bytes
Overage (per 1,000 Bytes) $1.50 $1.50 $1.75 $1.50
SBD Registration/Mailbox Check $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.05




General Specifications
Dimensions 4.1 x 4.5 x 1.3cm
Weight 3g
Operating Temperature -40°c to +85°c
Operating Humidity 75% RH
Storage Temperature -40°c to +85°c
Frequency Range 1616 MHz to 1626.5 MHz
DC Power Input
Idle current (average) 45mA
Idle current (peak) 195mA
Transmit current (peak) 1.5A
Transmit current (average) 190 mA
Receive current (peak) 195mA
Receive current (average) 45mA
SBD Message transfer - average current 190mA
SBD Message transfer - average power 1.0W


Key Features
Single board transceiver
Small form factor
No SIM card
RoHS compliant
Duplexing Method TDD (Time Domain Duplex)
Input/Output Impedance 50
Multiplexing Method TDMA/FDMA


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