ACR OLAS Core (Base Station & Alarm System)

ACR OLAS Core (Base Station & Alarm System)


Alert the entire crew on board in a man overboard incident with the ACR OLAS CORE alarm system which triggers within 4 seconds of the MOB incident.

ACR OLAS Core (Base Station & Alarm System)

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An excellent solution for man overboard situations, the OLAS Core gives the peace of mind needed to know your crew are safe at all times when boating. It is compatible with small vessels as well as larger commercial marine vessels, and is the perfect solution if you have a small crew of up to 15.


A man overboard (MOB) is one of the worst fears of those who frequent the lakes, seas and oceans of the world, not only for the crew, but for the person in distress themselves wondering if anybody even knows they have gone overboard. Then there is the stress and worry of a recovery effort if you don’t know exactly when or where the incident happened. The OLAS Core puts an end to this unneeded worry with this state-of-the-art alert system designed to be placed in a highly visible location on the vessel.


What is the OLAS CORE?

The ACR OLAS Core is an instant alert system that is powered by USB so there’s no need to hard wire. It functions as a base station that should be placed in an area of prominence on the vessel where it’s most likely to be seen and heard. Once a MOB situation arises, the transmitter lets out a very loud 85 decibel alarm siren, in addition to a red flashing light to attract attention. This is especially useful if the incident occurs at night.


How does the OLAS CORE function work?

Compatible with vessels up to a length of around 50ft, the OLAS Core enables up to 15 crew members to be attached to the monitoring hub via their ACR OLAS Tag which creates a virtual tether. Should one of the device wearers fall overboard and the boat keeps moving away, the tether is broken and the alarm system kicks in, warning everybody on the boat of the incident.


This fast reaction gives the captain the chance to stop the engines and turn the boat within seconds, greatly enhancing the survival chance of the man overboard, especially in very cold waters or rough seas.


The device also can be paired with a smartphone so that when the situation arises, the smartphone will have all of the information such as location and time, as well as providing information on bearing to assist with the rescue attempt.


ACR OLAS CORE Key Features

  • Multiple devices can be placed around the vessel
  • USB charging, no hard wiring needed
  • Alerts crew in just 4 seconds
  • Easy mounting or installation
  • Wireless technology with Bluetooth
  • Audio and visual alarm system
  • Up to 15 devices can be connected
  • Records essential GPS data for recovery
  • Guides recovery with movable compass direction
  • Monitors battery life of devices
  • Fully waterproof
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3.6” (H) x 3.5” (L) x 1.5” (W)/92 (H) x 90 (L) x 38 (W) mm


3.88 Ounces (110 g)


Black and Clear


Press button once to turn on, all tags within 2 meters are tracked

Maximum Number of Connected OLAS transmitter

Connects up to 15 OLAS Transmitters (OLAS Tags and/or OLAS Float-On)

Power / Current

5V / 13-17mA

Visual Alarm

Red LED / 55 Lumens

Audible Alarm

85 Decibels

MOB System

Track up to 15 different OLAS transmitters with 1 phone/tablet.  OLAS Transmitters can be tracked by an unlimited number of phones/tablets (Bluetooth 4.1 Compatible).


The ALARM sounds within 8 seconds of a Man Overboard situation.  The system records the MOB location using your phone/tablets GPS and directs the boat back to the last known location for a quick and easy recovery.


Compatible with the ACR OLAS Guardian, Extender, Mobile App, Float-On, and Tag.

Mobile App

IOS and Android (Free Download)

  • Connect multiple OLAS transmitters to 1 phone or tablet
  • Connect 1 OLAS transmitter to multiple phones / tablets
  • Solo Mode (Text Message Alerts to Emergency Contacts with GPS coordinates)

Download the ACR OLAS App on the App store or get it on Google Play: Search ‘ACR OLAS’


For use with vessels up to 50 feet (15 meters).

Extend the coverage range on larger vessels with the ACR OLAS EXTENDER for coverage on boats up to 80 feet.


Upgrade your system with the ACR OLAS Guardian (Base Station with Alarm and Engine Kill Switch) and the ACR OLAS Extender (extends range of your MOB system from a vessel size of 50 ft up to 80 ft).




Yes (IP67)

Housing Material



Not Applicable


4.2 + 5.0


Recreational and Commercial Boating

Accessories (Included)

USB Charging Cable


FCC, RED, CE, RoHS 2.0


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