Unleashing Connectivity with Inmarsat SIM Cards: Top-Ups, Prepaid Sims, and Monthly Plans

Introduction to Inmarsat SIM Cards

Inmarsat offer some of the cheapest airtime rates on the market through their prepaid top-ups, prepaid SIMs, or monthly contract options. Their coverage is near-global too, meaning you can use an Inmarsat device anywhere in the world except polar regions. Anyone in possession of an Inmarsat device, such as an IsatPhone 2 for example, needs sufficient Inmarsat airtime

ISATPHONE Top-Ups: Ensuring Communication Flexibility

ISatPhone top-ups are for people who already have an IsatPhone handset. They offer chunks of minutes/data that you pay a one-off price for, and are great for short-to-medium term excursions or trips. They can be valid for up to a whole year, or just a month if your trip is not so long-term. Top-ups offer the flexibility needed to not have to worry about rolling monthly payments, and you only pay for what you need.

ISATPHONE Prepaid SIMs: Hassle-Free Communication

Much like Inmarsat top-ups, ISatPhone prepaid SIMs are for people who do not have an Inmarsat satellite phone or device. You will need to purchase a prepaid SIM card and activate it before leaving for your excursion. Prepaid SIM cards come with the same validity periods and unit amounts as prepaid top-ups, and offer the same flexibility of not having to be bound to a dedicated monthly contract that could rack up shockingly high bills that you don’t know about until it lands in your inbox.

Exploring Inmarsat Standard Pay Monthly Plans

At OSAT, we also offer Inmarsat Standard Pay Monthly contracts for your ISatPhone handsets. They work in much the same way as your average, everyday smart phone contract i.e. you choose a plan and pay that price every month. Any overages are charged on top of the monthly amount, but we strongly recommend creating some sort of communications strategy before departing on your trip in order to avoid over-spend and subsequent bill shock. Monthly plans are ideal for those travelling away for more than 12 months at a time.

Choosing the Right Inmarsat SIM Card and Plan

We have a dedicated team of satellite industry experts here at Orbital SatCom, and we are always on hand to advise on any aspect of your satellite solution. In terms of what’s right for you, whether it’s a prepaid package or a rolling monthly contract, it’s very much determined by the length and nature of your trip, as well as your own budgetary capabilities of course. We offer plenty of choice at highly competitive prices, and our general rule of thumb is: prepaid top-ups work best for shorter trips, while monthly contracts are ideal for longer-term ventures as they end up being a lot more cost-effective.

As always, our team of experts at OSAT is here to help. So, if you need any advice about Inmarsat top-ups or monthly contracts, contact us via:

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