Thuraya Sim Card & Prepaid Plans

The easiest and most flexible way to use your Thuraya satellite phone is with a prepaid Thuraya SIM card and a prepaid plan. No monthly contract is required and pre-paid satellite phone plans can be used in any of the 140 countries in Thuraya's coverage zone. We offer two options for Thuraya prepaid plans for your satellite phone; standard prepaid plans and NOVA pre-paid.


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  1. Thuraya Prepaid NOVA SIM
    Thuraya SIM Card - NOVA Prepaid

    Starting at $26.00

  2. Thuraya Prepaid Airtime Top-Ups
    Thuraya Prepaid Airtime Top-Ups

    Starting at $21.00

  3. Thuraya Prepaid Standard SIM
    Thuraya SIM Card - Prepaid Standard SIM

    Starting at $31.00

  4. Thuraya Prepaid Backup SIM Card
    Thuraya SIM Card - Backup Prepaid
  5. Thuraya IP Prepaid SIM
    Thuraya SIM Card - IP Prepaid

    Starting at $75.00

  6. Thuraya WE Prepaid Satellite Airtime
    Thuraya WE Prepaid SIM Cards & Airtime

    Starting at $21.00