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RemoteMail offers email & web compression to allow cost saving on airtime.

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RemoteMail provides an easier way of accessing and sending emails while away from conventional online networks. RemoteMail has replaced our existing SpeedMail service, if you need to renew your account please contact us.


  • RemoteMail compresses and accelerates email and web pages allowing savings of up to 85% compared to a standard data connection
  • Messages are sent and received at the same time, for greater time and cost efficiency
  • The SmartRestart function means you can return to where you left off even if you lose your connection
  • Receive free GRIB meteorological data files and keep up to date with the forecast in your area
  • The software also comes with its own virus and spam-filtering functions
  • BigMail, allows for the previewing of email headers, letting you monitor and filter the size and content of emails you receive.

Due to its email compression software, it makes the sending of emails up to 15 times faster than when using standard web-based email services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, and can save up to 85% on satellite airtime.

Uncompressed email services can take up to 20 minutes to send 10 1-page emails; RemoteMail can send up to 50 in 3 minutes, and even allows for the updating of social media services like Facebook and LinkedIn with messages or photos.

Product Average Processing Time
RemoteMail 20 seconds
Netscape 7.32 minutes
Outlook Express 6.60 minutes
Eudora Pro 6.79 minutes

* Comparison based on 3 x 1 MB or less emails

Purchase a RedPort Wi-Fi Optimizer and get set up free of charge with a 3-day free trial before purchasing a license. The RedPort Wi-Fi Optimizer is a Wi-Fi hotspot that you can simply plug your phone or terminal into without the need to install any drivers.


Ease of Use
RemoteMail can set up your computer to be compatible with your satellite phone within minutes and is compatible with any email service. In order to reduce frustration, RemoteMail's Smart Restart function will automatically pick up where you left off if the satellite signal is lost. To further make its use easier, it can be configured to send SMS messages to your corresponding satellite phone when an email is received, via the Iridium or Globalstar networks.

Fast Email Correspondence
Any large emails are kept from being received and stored safely on a server for later, in order to stop costs from running high. The software also sends and receives email simultaneously and can preview email headers with BigMail, so that unwanted mail can be archived for later download.

RemoteMail comes equipped with virus scanning and spam filtering features built-in, and is fully DES/PGP encrypted.

RemoteMail offers 7-day wind forecasts of the world as a free public service via its GRIB Mail Robot. These forecasts are generated daily at 0015, 0615, 1215, and 1815 GMT for every region of the world. GRIB forecasts are based on the National Weather Service, NOAA, Wave Watch III model yielding highly accurate forecasts every 6 hours for up to 7 days into the future. GRIB files are delivered by e-mail into RemoteMail and optimized specifically for low bandwidth wireless connections.

RemoteMail works with the following service providers, as well as any TCP/IP-based connection.

  • Globalstar*
  • Inmarsat*
  • Iridium*
  • MSAT G2
  • Thuraya
  • VSAT

Operating System Compatibility:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 (please note we do not recommend the IsatPhone Pro on Windows 7 due to compatibility issues. For guaranteed service, we would advise the use of RemoteMail with the RedPort Optimizer)
  • Windows 8/8.1 (please note we do not recommend the IsatPhone Pro/IsatPhone 2 on Windows 8/8.1 due to compatibility issues. For guaranteed service, we would advise the use of RemoteMail with the RedPort Optimizer)
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux


Download Links:

RemoteMail for Windows (Multi-Language): Download Here

RemoteMail for Mac: Download Here

Please note you will be sent a link to download the software and your login details when we have received your completed RemoteMail contract.

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Key Features
RemoteMail automatically sets your computer up to work with your phone or terminal
Send/Receive emails simultaneously, saving you time and money
Works with Windows, Linux & Mac OS
SmartRestart feature allows the phone to automatically reconnect if signal is dropped and then regained
Compatible Devices
Iridium: Iridium 9555, Iridium 9575, Iridium OpenPort
Inmarsat: IsatPhone Pro, IsatPhone 2, BGAN, FleetBroadband
Thuraya: Thuraya XT, Thuraya IP
Globalstar: GSP-1600, GSP-1700, GSP-2900
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