Motorola Wave TLK-100 Push-To-Talk (PTT) Radio
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Motorola Wave TLK-100 Push-To-Talk (PTT) Radio


The Motorola TLK-100 offers two-way PTT communications via 3G/4G and WiFi networks.

The WAVE network will automatically switch to the strongest network available to ensure reliable communications and will seamlessly roam as the user moves between countries. 

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Motorola Wave TLK-100 Push-To-Talk (PTT) Radio
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TLK-100 from Motorola is a two way radio which transmits over mobile networks to offer fast communication at the push of a button.  It enables you to form a nationwide network of portable and fixed radios with your existing smart phones.  TLK-100 and it's associated products are quick and easy to setup with no manual programming or FCC or spectrum licensing required.


Remote Management

TLK-100 can be controlled remotely with settings updated over the air making management efficient and cost-effective.


Automatic Network Switching

The radio will automatically switch between 3G/4G networks from multiple operators, enhancing coverage and resilience and it will seemlessly roam across borders as users move between countries within the European Union.

The radio can even intelligently switch between 3G/4G and your Wi-Fi network to keep workers connected to the best signal inside or outdoors.


Low Cost of Ownership

The robust design of the Motorola TLK-100 promises to be less prone to breaking, or require fixing and maintenance than standard communication tools. The lack of a screen reduces distractions caused by other apps and allows your team to improve focus.


Location Tracking

GPS location tracking improves safety and allows you to check the status of your workforce increasing productivity.


How does it work?

Find out more about the WAVE network > 

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Dimensions 16.9 x 5.9 x 2.2cm / 6.7" x 2.3" x 0.87
Weight 170g / 6.0 oz
Battery Life Up to 18 hours (5:5:90 Duty Cycle)
Battery Type Li-Ion 2300 mAh battery 
Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C / 14°F to 140°F (with battery)
IP Rating IP54 (Cat 2)
Network 4G LTE
Channels 8 Channels
Contact List Capacity 300 Contacts
IP Rating IP54
Encryption AES-256
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