HawkEye 7200X Portable Tracking Unit
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HawkEye 7200X Portable Tracking Unit


Discreet and made for portability, the HawkEye 7200X can be used for land, sea, and air tracking solutions, and seamlessly integrates with the online asset management platform, SkyRouter, to maximise safety, operational efficiency, and compliance.

HawkEye 7200X Portable Tracking Unit
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The HawkEye 7200X is an ultra-portable tracking unit and suitable for aviation, maritime, or land assets that demand unique antenna configurations.

The device itself is similar to the HawkEye 7200, but can be used with a variety of external antennas for any given scenario. These fixed and portable antennas include coax cables that allow the user to store the device in secure location, ideal for interaction and storage while also maintaining optimal satellite signal.

Its global and real-time features integrate seamlessly with our SkyRouter platform through Iridium and GPS/GLONASS backend technologies to help customers achieve ultimate safety, operational efficiency and compliance.

Key Features

Global Iridium Coverage

Iridium’s network, with its 66 low earth orbiting (LEO) satellites, supercharges connection times and provides true global coverage, so you know where your important assets are at all times.

QPOS Functionality

Let the Quick Position Button quickly alert your authorised personnel/contacts to your whereabouts.

Electronic Form

Easily transmit critical operational data such as flight plans, weight and balance, safety reports, shipping information, and telemetric data.

Geofencing Capability

The device connects directly with SkyRouter and supports advanced variable response (AVR) geofencing. Create radius or polygonal fences and trigger responses and alerts.

Built-In Bluetooth

Turn on the device’s Bluetooth and communicate from any iOS or Android device. Send messages and forms easily through Blue Sky Network’s HawkEye Link app.


Connect to the Iridium and GNSS networks simply by powering the device up. No external antennas or power supply required.

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Automated tracking is available on this device meaning contacts back home can follow your journey or you can monitor the movement of your assets.

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