Stay Connected Anywhere with the Iridium GO! exec™ WiFi Hotspot

What Makes the Iridium GO! exec Stand Out?

The Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi Hotspot is a satellite communications device that has been sought after for a long time. It delivers the speeds that people have been asking for in the form of a portable Wi-Fi hotspot solution, and lets people communicate using their favourite apps from any location on earth. You can send WhatsApp messages or short video files from the middle of the Atlantic. You can make phone calls from isolated regions where traditional coverage is not normally an option. The Iridium GO! exec combines the efficiency, reliability, and portability of a satellite phone with the power of a satellite internet terminal in the form of a satellite Wi-Fi hotspot, a unique solution that has been in hot demand until its release earlier this year.

Features of the Iridium GO! exec

The Iridium GO! exec is intuitive and feature-rich, specifically engineered towards helping you stay connected in the most remote locations. Not only is it up to 40 times faster than the original Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot, but it’s built for efficiency in connectivity and comes with a host of integrated communication apps that are used by people all over the world on a daily basis.

The key features of the Iridium GO! exec include:

  • Connection Manager: a new feature that helps manage usage with session controls and preconfigured filtering options to avoid bill shock.
  • Multi-User Access: up to two high-quality voice lines for calls and multiple data sessions.
  • Built-in Speakerphone: enjoy cellphone-quality voice communications.
  • 24/7 SOS Monitoring: support is available through registration with the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).
  • Applications: explore custom apps for purpose-built email, weather, or industry-specific requirements to provide more cost-effective, efficient use of the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service.
  • Messaging Apps: WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Signal, Telegram, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Web Browsing: Firefox, Opera.

Why the Iridium GO! exec is Perfect for Remote Teams

Whether operating as part of a scientific research team or coordinating a rescue operation in a warzone or the wake of a natural disaster, the ruggedized, military-grade Iridium GO! exec harnesses the power of the world’s only truly global satellite network with powerful communication tools built-in to deliver vital voice or data comms from remote regions. It is a critical piece of equipment for people taking on remote challenges, for example, where they can liaise with a centralized mission control back home to ensure they are safe and on track with their challenge. This can be done via email, WhatsApp, or a voice call, such are the Iridium GO! exec’s capabilities.

Key To Remember With Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Taking the Iridium GO! exec with you on remote adventures or business excursions means you will have global coverage to make voice calls or send data files. However, there are a couple of things to remember which will optimize your usage success.

  • If using the Iridium GO! exec app on your smartphone for your communications, always be sure to be within range of the Iridium GO! exec so that your signal is at its strongest.
  • The GO! exec allows you to select specific app profiles so that you don’t use up your data allowance by running other apps in the background. Be sure to remember to select the correct preconfigured app profile you are using e.g. WhatsApp or Outlook before starting your session.
  • Ensure the GO! exec is always as charged as much as it can be before setting off in order to guarantee global coverage from your remote location.
  • If sending a video file via your Iridium GO! exec, remember to keep it as short as possible. We recommend roughly 10-30seconds in order to enjoy quick and reliable data sending, again without eating into your data allowance too much. The quality will not be ground-breaking, but the fact you can send footage directly from Antarctica, the Atlantic, or 15,000ft up in the air, is a remarkable and will provide much-needed peace of mind for those back home.

As always, our team of experts at OSAT is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the Iridium GO! exec Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot, contact us via:

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