SPOT Satellite Trackers Move to FocusPoint SOS Response

Earlier this year it was announced that SPOT satellite trackers will partner with a new emergency response unit, FocusPoint International Emergency Response Center, whose mission is to provide SOS monitoring through committed search and rescue operations.

FocusPoint International, with 19 offices on five continents, comfortably relies on their 5,000-strong team of specialist health, security and incident response personnel to attend crisis events around the world, mitigating risk as they do so.

The strategic shift sees SPOT move away from their previous global assistance company, GEOS, who were acquired by GPS technology giant, Garmin at the start of 2021. However, because FocusPoint International offers much the same services as GEOS, from a customer point of view, any resulting differences between what the two services offer should be negligible.

As part of the basic SPOT subscription, the SOS/911 service will transmit your coordinates to FocusPoint International every 2.5 minutes once the SOS button on the device is pressed. This service helps to formulate a rescue operation and, once your distress signal has been acknowledged, your GPS location will transmit every 5 minutes.

However, FocusPoint International delivers its enhanced emergency response services under the Global Overwatch & Rescue Plan, and, for a low annual fee is there to immediately support its newly-acquired SPOT customers when it matters most.

The Global Overwatch & Rescue Plan Offers:

  • Travel, medical, and security assistance
  • Cost-free evacuations for members that experience a security or medical-related operational error
  • 24/7 multi-lingual crisis consultation
  • On-hand medical, security, and crisis response team

With nearly 8,000 total rescues from situations such as hiking and mountain sports, motor vehicles, boating and water sports, and off-road vehicles, FocusPoint International are experts in their field with only the most professional specialists at their disposal. SPOT customers who previously benefited from the Garmin GEOS rescue service will experience a seamless transition of crisis assistance should the need arise.

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