Using Iridium and Thuraya Satellite Phones for Data Connection

data For those who frequently require internet connection in remote locations using a satellite terminal on the Inmarsat BGAN satellite network is a good choice with their portable terminals, fast data speeds and very reliable service. But what about those who will only occasionally want to use a data connection while in remote locations? It is little known that satellite phones can also provide data services. Although the speed will not be as fast as Inmarsat BGAN, if you only require need data services every now and then, a satellite phone will suffice and will be a much cheaper alternative to BGAN.

Iridium & Thuraya Satellite Phones for Data Connection

Every Iridium and Thuraya sat phone that we stock is capable of sending emails directly from the phone. The Thuraya SG-2520 even has an in-built browser meaning you don’t need to connect to your laptop to use the internet. Iridium offers a data speed of 9.6kbps and each Iridium 9555 comes with a USB cable to connect to your laptop making data connections with your sat phone very simple. Thuraya’s basic data service offers speeds of up to 9.6kbps. However, their GmPRS service offers enhanced speeds of up to 60kbps (downlink) at an additional fee. Therefore, this makes data connections with your satellite phone more viable. With GmPRS you are charged by the volume of data you send and receive rather than the duration of the data call (as is the case with Thuraya’s basic data service). Uplink speeds are available at up to 15kbps. The GmPRS service is available on both Pay Monthly and Pre-Paid data SIM cards. As with Iridium phones, all Thuraya phones come with the data cables. These are required to set-up your data connection quickly and easily. So if you need to send and receive emails or browse the web while on the move a satellite phone could be just what you need. For more information about the best Satellite Phone or Satellite Terminal, contact us with your questions.

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