CASE STUDY: Iridium Certus supports research icebreaker on largest Arctic Expedition

Blog-Header (11)Iridium Certus is the perfect solution for the research icebreaker, Polarstern on its MOSAiC expedition – the largest Arctic expedition in history to track a full annual cycle of the drifting polar ice to better understand climate change.

Polarstern MOSAiC expedition

This arctic expedition aims at a breakthrough in understanding the extent of the Arctic climate system. MOSAiC will provide a more robust scientific basis for policy decisions on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Additionally, it will set-up a framework for managing Arctic development and sustainability. The expedition will run from September 2019 with more than 600 researchers, from 19 countries, taking part in this exceptional endeavour.

Linkedin (47)The Iridium Certus Solution

With more than 600 scientists operating in shifts throughout the expedition, reliable communications is essential, for those both on and off the vessel. Also, connectivity is important for personnel collecting and sending back data to base. Therefore, Iridium Certus was chosen for the project. Iridium Certus is the only network able to provide reliable coverage in the remote polar regions. Additionally, this network delivers the high data speeds to support all requirements for scientific activities during the expedition. Also, the constellation of buoys, ice-tethered profilers, remote stations, underwater drifters, and unmanned aerial systems will be connected. Our supplier, The AST Group, is providing the expedition with the easy to install and robust Thales VesseLINK terminals to offer secure, high performance connectivity. The crew and scientists on board will have access to a stable and reliable line of communications during the expedition.
"The Certus system is extremely important for the success of the mission. For short-term planning, processed and high-resolution satellite ice maps are required, which are sent on board by the institute. This data must be available on board in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, data measured on site are sent to the various institutes for further processing. The Iridium Certus service will also be used to send pictures and videos. This supports public relations and for the crew and scientists’ to contact their families". Thomas Liebe, Technical superintendent for research vessel Polarstern.

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