NEW: Iridium Certus Broadband Service

Iridium-Certus-Blog-Header (87) Iridium Certus is the high speed voice and data service made possible by Iridium's $3 billion second generation constellation, Iridium NEXT. Moreover, this new broadband service is the only high speed data service - available anywhere on the planet. Iridium NEXT

Iridium Certus Key Features:

Data speeds up to 1.4 Mbps

Iridium Certus offers initial data speeds of up to 352 kbps which will increase to 1.4 Mbps when the constellation is fully in place.

Streaming IP Data

Streaming IP services will allow broadcasters to transmit live from anywhere in the world at a guaranteed speed.

High Quality Voice

For the first time Iridium offers multiple voice lines on hardware allowing multiple team members to stay in touch simultaneously.

Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)

In May 2018, Iridium announced the groundbreaking news that the IMO recognised that Certus service met requirements to provide mobile satellite services in the GMDSS. As a result, this is the first time that any provider, other than Inmarsat, has been able to offer these services. Iridium will begin to provide the GMDSS service in early 2020.

Further Services

Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Route Service (AMSRS) and messaging functions are additional key features to the Iridium Certus Broadband service.

Iridium Certus Industries


With the launch of Iridium Certus the maritime industry has another option for satellite voice and data communications at sea. With options available for vessels large and small, the service will allow crews to stay connected anywhere in the world.


Compact antennas make Iridium Certus' aviation offering suitable for all types of aircraft. Voice capabilities and internet access will be available from cockpit to cabin.


Iridium will offer fixed voice and data terminals suitable for use on remote sites and vehicles.

Iridium Certus Equipment

sailor-4300-iridum-next-smallWhile existing Iridium equipment will continue to function with the new Iridium NEXT constellation, owners of existing equipment will not be able to use the improved data speeds or other new features of Iridium Certus. Therefore, as new products are launched, take advantage of the faster data speeds and simultaneous voice lines. The SAILOR 4300 by Cobham (pictured left) is one example. The compact, lightweight antenna can be used in the harshest of maritime environments. Also, it offers three independent voice lines and data speeds of up to 704 kbps. As you would expect from Cobham the quality of build is so high. Consequently, there is no scheduled service interval or maintenance for at least 10 years after installation! This is an important factor to take into account for vessels continuously at sea. VIEW IRIDIUM CERTUS SATELLITE BROADBAND TERMINALS >

Iridium Certus Service Plans

Initial Iridium Certus service plans are flexible with a minimum term of just 3 months and no activation fee. Additionally, with the faster data speeds now available data is charged per MB. The pricing structure previously available was per minute. Static and dynamic IP addresses will also be available. The tables below show the different service levels and data speeds available. VIEW SERVICE PLANS >
Iridium Certus 1400 | 1408 kbps Iridium Certus 100 | 88 kbps Iridium Certus 350 | 352 kbps
High Definition Video Standard Definition Video Flight Data Recorder Streaming
Video Conferencing Video Conferencing VSAT Redundancy
Multi-User Internet/VPN Multi-User Internet/VPN Low Resolution Video
Telemedicine Telemedicine
Iridium Certus 200 | 176 kbps Iridium Certus 100 | 88 kbps Iridium Certus 20 | 22 kbps
ECDIS Updates Internet/VPN GMDSS
Aeronautical Charts Email ACARS
Streaming Audio Graphical Weather (WX) Asset Tracking
Photo Transfer eLog Book
Credit Card Verification Telemetry & Remote Monitoring

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