Garmin® inReach with EVERYWHERE software and Garmin® inReach Comparison

InReach Technology Strictly for Business

We wanted to explore the key differences between Garmin® satellite communication devices, and those same Garmin® devices offered by EVERYWHERE Communications: identical on the outside with subtleties on the inside that segregate each product range into the mass consumer market and specialist enterprises solely for business use.

GPS navigation giants, Garmin®, promote their range of wearable and handheld devices to outdoor adventurers, and sports, leisure and fitness enthusiasts. EVERYWHERE Communications, meanwhile, have tailored a selection of Garmin® inReach devices to make them suitable for government and enterprise teams undertaking missions in remote locations with a suite of Cloud and app-based enhanced mapping and messaging software.

EVERYWHERE Communications is geared towards equipping and protecting its business customers moving in and out of cellular coverage with solutions that provide critical communication links that save lives. They offer their clients Garmin® products that are uniquely tweaked for business use.

Operating under the EVERYWHERE brand umbrella, the devices they offer are the Garmin® inReach with EVERYWHERE software, SE+ and Explorer+; the Montana 700i and 750i models; and the GPSMAP 66i. The devices themselves, however, still maintain some of the same greatest Garmin® features to keep remote teams reliably connected such as global coverage and two-way communication abilities.

How is the EVERYWHERE version different from the Garmin®?


For full situational awareness and real-time asset tracking, the EVERYWHERE Hub visualises the entire picture for those on the ground and back at HQ. It consolidates position, status, and message information as well as allowing for two-way device data communication.

As well as global SOS functionalities at the push of a button, hub users also have access to polygon geofencing where they can draw a virtual perimeter around key sites and locations. Alerts are then sent to them when users – or assets – enter or exit a specific zone.

Heat mapping capabilities within the EVERYWHERE Hub use historic location information that shows a visual representation of users’ movements, allowing a chance to gather productivity levels in areas of concern.

Automatic Tracking

For ease and efficiency, all tracking functionality within an EVERYWHERE satellite tracker is turned on as soon as the device is powered up, meaning users of these devices do not need to activate it before they use their device. Users do, however, have the option of turning tracking off.

No Social Media

By default, the ability for an EVERYWHERE customer to post to social media is disabled. Communication is contained just within the EVERYWHERE network as well as to SMS phone numbers in over 150 countries.

Coming soon: Check-ins

Check-ins are a brand new, customer-requested feature coming soon to the EVERYWHERE Communications platform. The new feature allows those in the field to stay connected remotely and send automated alerts via SMS, email and voice call when it matters most.

Status and coordinate alerts of whole teams or individual parties are sent through the globally-reaching Iridium satellite network, resulting in full situational awareness all from the convenience of a smartphone.

Teams of specialist rescue workers working remotely should ideally hit the frontline of any emergency equipped with something like a Garmin® inReach with EVERYWHERE software1 in order to stay reliably connected with each other and those back at base, in and out of cellular network coverage.

1. A subscription plan is required to send and receive satellite messages on this device. Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of satellite communications devices. It is the responsibility of the user to know and follow all applicable laws in the jurisdictions where the device is intended to be used.

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