Features and Performance Comparison of Two-Way Radios

Overview of Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios offer a way of communicating by voice over short-to-medium distances at the push of a button. Some two-way radios are a lot more technically advanced than others and come with a lot more features and abilities. Some even come with licenses as they are only allowed to be used over certain frequencies such as emergency frequencies, for example. Other radio handset options are a lot more simple and can even be used by children and families as a fun way to liven up a camping trip or a day out by the sea or the lake. Our range of two-way radios scales from the affordable to the investable, where you get what you pay for in terms of durability, range of communication, and integrated features.

Uniden Two-Way Radios: Performance and Durability

Catering specifically to the marine enthusiasts, a Uniden radio or radio system should form part of any keen boater’s dashboard. An integral component to communication on the open seas, Uniden radio devices are suitably hard-wearing enough to withstand extreme marine environments, and can deliver crystal clear vocal instructions to other vessels in the surrounding areas. The Uniden Atlantis 275 radio is an example of a device made for the water. With the ability to float if dropped into water, the Uniden Atlantis 275 can handle any ocean-going voyage or just a day at the lake. It's waterproof rated IPX8 and comes with the largest LCD display screen of its class, meaning in either day or night conditions, it can easily be seen, read, and understood. Stay connected to all USA, Canada, and International marine channels and NOAA weather channels should an emergency situation develop.

Icom Two-Way Radios: Advanced Communication Solutions

Icom radios have been designed to appeal to anyone on the water, in the air, or simply using a radio or walkie-talkie on a casual or amateur basis. At OSAT we stock a wide range of Icom radios, from the innovative and highly-developed SAT-100, to VHF radios including the M25, an affordable base model that can be used in every-day settings such as a warehouse, supermarket, or building site. Icom not only manufacture handheld two-way radios either, they also specialise in vehicle mounting stations, in-vehicle handsets, and a large range of accessories to keep you reliably connected via radio for longer and with more ease particularly if you are on the move.

Standard Horizon Two-Way Radios: Marine Communication Excellence

For emergencies at sea or in order to communicate with clarity on the open water, even when there are noisy or chaotic backgrounds, a handheld marine radio from Standard Horizon is one of the most ideal solutions. With noise-canceling technology built into their handheld devices, and typically being submersible up to various depths, Standard Horizon radios should form part of any dedicated mariner’s emergency and safety carry-on equipment. Aside from VHF handhelds, Standard Horizon also specialise in fixed DSC VHF stations, with many also offering the convenience of a second station remote microphone.

Kenwood Two-Way Radios: Reliable Communication Companion

Moving away from at-sea communication, Kenwood radios offer voice communication with ultimate clarity for short-distance communication across the warehouse floor or the stock room of a supermarket, for example. The Kenwood UBZ-LJ9, for example, is a pocket-sized license-free PMR446 radio set. It is super compact, lightweight and durable, and offers next-level range, efficiency, and ease for days out on the trail or around the campsite. With a long battery life and quick charging abilities, this handy radio keeps the adventure going and allows for quick and efficient communication with your friends or fellow travellers. And, with its selection of different ring tones, you will always know who is on the other end.

A Guide to Choosing Two-Way Radios for Your Adventure

When it comes to selecting the best two-way radio for your next trip, there are a number of factors that do need to be considered before you purchase. Listed below are elements we would recommend you bear in mind:

  • Range: Assess the coverage area you'll be operating in. Choose a radio with a range that suits your adventure, keeping in mind factors like terrain and obstacles.
  • Durability: Look for models with rugged designs that can withstand drops, water splashes, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Battery Life: Opt for radios with longer battery life, especially if you'll be on extended trips without access to charging.
  • Features: Consider features like VOX, channel scanning, privacy codes, and weather alerts based on your adventure's requirements.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the radios you choose operate on commonly used frequencies so you can communicate with other devices.
  • Ease of Use: Select radios with intuitive controls and menus, particularly if you're not familiar with using two-way radios.
  • Accessories: Check for available accessories like headsets, belt clips, and spare batteries to enhance your experience.
  • Budget: Set a budget that balances your needs with the features offered by different models.

As always, our team of experts at OSAT is here to help. So, if you need any advice about our range of two-way radios, contact us via:

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